A Righteous Rant Calls Into Question the Durability of No. 1

When it comes to the Redskins, we’ve had our schadenfreude say here over the years. Of late, we’ve avoided comment. A totaling car crash is a totaling car crash. Our position remains: a once flagship franchise, one that no small number of OFBers was belovedly attached to in youth, has been single-handedly ruined — desecrated, really — by an ego-maniacal, incompetent, bastard-belligerent owner. Angelos II. The fish rots at the head.

There seemed no sense in piling on any more. But Monday’s Night’s Massacre has occasioned what strikes us as an unprecedented and uniquely personal volume and level of media pillorying for Dan Snyder, and perhaps at long last provided the basis for questioning the Skins’ seemingly eternal place at the top of the local sports pecking order. Really, will local pro football fans trudge out to that godforsaken mausoleum in PG County like sheep, bilked out of hundreds of dollars on every visit, forever? This week, it would seem not: a cornerstone of the high-pitched reaction to the debacle that is the Redskins is media acknowledgment that (1) the team has been lying about selling out football games here and (2) many, many Redskins’ ticket holders have no stomach for the experience, and in rote fashion sell their seats, resulting in the conspicuously unfriendly atmosphere that is the invasion of the enemy fan. And there’s no remedy in sight.

Our pucksandbooks has taken the position here that there is no divine right to top-of-the-heap stature for the Skins or any other team; which is to say, the Skins weren’t always the no. 1 game in town, and they can, under the right circumstances, fall back again. Admittedly, it’s difficult to fathom, but then again, who might have imagined a non-dynastic football coming in here and hanging 60 on our team before a national television audience? In the rain. Moreover, what if a given market has, as alternative to Attila the Hun — the litigator against grandmothers — as owner, one like Mr. Leonsis? That contrasting dynamic is just beginning to forge, as Leonsis’ Monumental Sports empire is in its infancy. The argument here, then, isn’t that hockey will trump football in popularity in these parts so much as it is that hockey could offer an oasis of fun and competent management and civic pride that ushers in a healthy reorientation — most especially by local sports media. Washington, at least in the manifestation of nostalgia, will always have a revering spot in its sporting heart for the Skins (as it should). But thanks uniquely and ironically to Dan Snyder, Washington may at last become a relatively balanced sports town, with local media belatedly acknowledging the right way of doing things.

This sickening and sorry state of affairs truly is nothing for local hockey fans to celebrate — not if you consider yourself a Washingtonian first and a sports fan second. We at OFB desperately want our home to be a great sports town, and believe it can and should be. It just can’t so long as Dan Snyder owns the Skins and local media en masse gives him a pass on his harrowing path of destruction.

It is against this backdrop that we’d have you stop whatever you’re doing and, assuming you haven’t already heard it, listen to the righteous rant of 106.7 the Fan’s Chad Dukes from yesterday afternoon. And if you’ve heard it once, listen to it again. Most in Washington’s sports media still need to grow a pair when it comes to covering the Skins, but not Dukes. We are especially drawn to his principled criticism because it resembles our own: local boy, devoted Skins’ fan, beaten down by the Danny. Don’t focus on the tone and shriek to the screed; instead, absorb the substantive content of Dukes’ diatribe, almost all of which is directed at Dan Snyder:

  • ‘You capitalize, every single year, off the sweat and the blood of the people that built this franchise.’
  • Speaking of devoted Redskins fans, Chad chimes in ‘We are not whores, and you are not pimps.’
  • Again at Snyder: ‘You don’t know what you’re doing . . . you bilk us out of our money . . . You sign every old-ass player . . . You kill me . . . You make me sick . . . charging 30 bucks [sic; it’s actually $35] to park a mile away.’
  • ‘Get the hell away from my football team.’
  • ‘I want Redskins’ reparations.’

Click here to hear the Chad Dukes rant on the Redskins 59-28 loss


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13 Responses to A Righteous Rant Calls Into Question the Durability of No. 1

  1. The Peerless says:

    I would not have thought it possible — physically possible — that an NFL football team could allow 82 points to opponents over a span of barely 48 minutes of running time. But that was what the Redskins did between the first Lions TD of the 4th quarter of the 37-23 loss and the last Eagle touchdown of the third period to make that score 59-21.

    NCAA D-I teams don’t do that to D-1II teams.

    I have no dog in this hunt, not being a Redskins fan, but every STH is owed a refund for what has become a national joke of a team.

  2. Gary says:

    I used to make time to watch Redskins games, that ended a while ago. If nothing is going on, I’m home, and the Skins are playing … then I’ll turn it on. But there is no emotional attachment anymore. I can easily turn it off and sleep easy like I did Monday night.

    I put my 7 year old son on the season ticket waiting list when he was born. You know … ’cause it’ll be 20+ years before his name comes up?

    Yeah, his name came up this year to buy regular (non-club level) seats.

    We passed.

  3. Dave says:

    Same old story for redskins fans, however they continue spending money with that team. I understand allegiance to a team, I suffered through the dark years with the capitals, but that franchise never just out and out took a dump on me like the redskins do to their fans ever year. FedEx is a terrible experience, the product on the field is terrible, but the Redskins continue to be one of the most profitable franchises in sports.

  4. The Horn Guy says:

    I haven’t been a fan of the Skins since Joe Gibbs left. I mean, the first time. So, like Gary, I have no emotional attachment to the team. Dan Snyder’s actions have had no effect on my life.

    Sure, I was disappointed when the stadium was no longer named after Jack Kent Cooke, sure I rolled my eyes when I read article after article in the City Paper about the greed of Snyder and the propaganda machine he runs, but I never really felt badly about it. Until now.

    Listening to Chad Dukes as he vocalized the feelings of disgust, sadness, betrayal, and anger of Skins fandom as a whole moved me almost to tears. It’s not just what he said, because had I read the rant in an op-ed piece it wouldn’t have had nearly as much of an impact, but how he said it. I could feel the pain in his voice. He was able to make real the frustration of knowing what broken promises taste like, and of the realization that one had wasted countless time and money praying at the altar of a once mighty franchise while he who sits atop the mound of cash ignored the input of those better equipped.

    No one deserves to be treated the way Skins fans have been treated. Dan Snyder will never see himself as the rest of the world does and that’s a bloody shame.

  5. red army soldier #1337 says:

    When i read the title, i was very afraid i was going to read about varley getting injured again.

    I passed when my name cameup for season tix. I got placed on the line when i was 2. I can’t be a redskins fan right now, so im now a caps fan. Its easier to just pretend football doesn’t exist. Rugby and hockey, what a combo

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  7. The Peerless says:

    “Dan Snyder will never see himself as the rest of the world does and that’s a bloody shame.”

    More to the point, Snyder gives every indication that he will never see the rest of Redskin Nation as fans, only as revenue sources.

    I’ve been a Giants fan as long as I can remember, but ever since moving here I’ve had nothing but respect for the devotion Redskin fans have bestowed upon a franchise that for the past almost 20 years has done little but disappoint them. They deserve a management that cares about wins and losses, and the fans, as much as it does the Redskins’ balance sheet.

  8. More than somewhat cynically I would point out to my colleague Gary: to the already crushing debt our nation is bequeathing to your young son(s), you’d add Dan Snyder’s astronomical annual tab? Good that you passed, lest we have to take up a collection to pay for his parking.

  9. Goat says:

    Dukes articulated EVERYTHING that my mounting apathy has been holding down over the last few years.

    I had my rant similar to his (to no one in particular) during the season after they hired Al Saunders to come in and completely undermine the momentum that carried the Redskins to the playoffs in 2005. I had finally reached the boiling point. Since then I have had to guard myself against even caring. Looking back, I should have done so a lot earlier.

    I never wanted to become one of “those fans.” I wanted to keep on drinking the burgundy Fla-Vor-Aid. But every sip now tastes like Dan Snyder has relieved himself in it.

  10. Deadskins says:

    More today, from ESPN’s Patrick Hruby:

    Why did Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth appear to lie down and stop trying during a live play in his team’s 59-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night? Page 2 presents the Top 10 reasons:

    1. Thought shuttle cone conditioning test was already over

    2. Upset that his “Madden NFL 11” loafing rating isn’t a 99

    3. Enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit diners and the feeling of wet grass between his fingertips

    4. Believed he had made tackle, then realized the mass under him was just his stomach

    5. Still in shock that Princess Di’s ring fit Kate Middleton’s finger perfectly

    6. Still in shock that Donovan McNabb was actually benched for Rex Grossman

    7. Just following orders to worry less about individual statistics, such as sacks

    8. Wasn’t going to catch Michael Vick anyway

    9. Auditioning for Life Call endorsement

    10. Gravity

  11. Geo says:

    I’d love for Danny to hire a qualified, up and coming young coordinator to be head coach, give him an experienced GM to work with who knows how to build a young team (I’m not convinced Allen is that guy), and then have the patience to “suck it up” for a while as Leonsis and Co. did in the lean Capitals years several years ago.

    I just don’t think it’s in Danny’s DNA. Every few years — see Schottenheimer, Gibbs and now Shanahan — he claims to have “learned” and that he’ll step out of the way, but eventually he *has* to get his fingers back in the pie.

    His modus operandi seems to be going after coaching candidates in left field that make no sense (Spurrier, who’s a magician in NCAA football and lost in the pros; and a QB coach in Zorn who was barely qualified to be a coordinator much less a head coach) or “past their prime” veterans and retirees (Shanahan, Gibbs II, Schottenheimer). If Shanny washes out, look for him to veer back into left field. Maybe the Vinny will return too. :p

    Although there is some irony in that a blog post here complaining about the Redskins draws more comments here than anything about the Capitals’ various recent victories. 😀

    Even if the Caps won 75 games this year, and the ‘Skins finish 4-12 again, you’ll still see more media coverage, columnists and endless verbiage about the ‘Skins, even if the Caps have sold out 70 straight games. Certainly it’s not fair.

    Wash. Post reporters/columnists will just say “The ‘Skins sell papers, Caps coverage doesn’t,” when asked about that. So they won’t give our Caps a dedicated NHL/Caps columnist. They won’t give a second reporter a “Caps feature” beat. I find it all shortsighted on their part.

  12. GEO, I’d suggest you investigate the Post’s subscription numbers the past 10 years. Their collective fellating of the Skins certainly hasn’t proven to be a paper mover.

  13. Bucky Katt says:

    PUCKSANDBOOKS wrote “I’d suggest you investigate the Post’s subscription numbers the past 10 years. Their collective fellating of the Skins certainly hasn’t proven to be a paper mover.”

    Which is ironic, considering that The Danny never considered the WaPo as anything but “the enemy”, even though their criticism was mild at best. As an example: see the entry for “Andyman” from The Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder.


    It’s lengthy, but a hilarious compliation of Danny’s mis-deeds over the past 20 years.

    Twas a sad day when this miscreant managed to buy the ‘Skins.

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