Historic Hockey To Air Locally

For the past couple of hockey seasons Capitals fans in the region have been able to catch John Walton’s calls of the Hershey Bears via Internet streaming. That access soon will be broadened. Today WFED AM 1500 announced that it will be broadcasting 10 Hershey Bears’ games on nights the Caps are not playing, beginning November 27.

Other dates for catching Walton’s iconic calls: December 3, 10 and 17; January 7, 23, and 28; February 11, 15, and 18. And who knows, we may see 1500 pick up some American League playoff puck as well.

It’s been a terrific autumn for the organization’s radio talent, past and present. The voice of one of the best in the business will now get a long-deserved introduction on local airwaves. Expect more hockey fans to be formed.

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