On Little Punks and Their Cowardly Stickwork

The Flyers’ Danny Briere will next dress for a game this Sunday, in D.C., in the first game of the season between the Flyers and Caps. He will miss the Flyers’ next three games, as he’s been suspended by the NHL for his latest bit of stickwork on an opponent, in this instance Frans Neilsen of the Islanders from Saturday night. Repeat offender? You could say that. He was suspended for an attack on Colorado’s Scott Hannan last season. And then there was this:

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5 Responses to On Little Punks and Their Cowardly Stickwork

  1. Guy Incognitus says:

    And then there was this:

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah, what’s your point? Does that make Briere less dirty? Does that make spearing OK?

  3. atnight says:

    Google “Briere Spears” and see that this is a trend. Briere speared Jurcina when he was still a Capital, Samuelsson last season. No surprise if folks who have closely followed his career could point to other incidents. As opposed to other incidents on the ice, there’s no question to the intent of spearing someone in the groin or a swinging the stick at/crosschecking another player. If Briere doesn’t want to fight and hide behind his teammates because he’s a small guy, that’s his prerogative. But if he chooses to make dirty plays with his stick, he doesn’t deserve their support and should answer to both the league and to the opposing team.

  4. hello says:

    haha. nice link guy. what else is briere gonna do about that even worse cheap shot by Ovechkin?

  5. Steph says:

    That’s great. Now why don’t you write an article about pussies who dive and cry like babies? Start with “Cindy”.

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