Mind Games

Much has been said of the first round playoff exit last year and many fans took it hard. What about the players? At the Caps Media Day on Tuesday, NBC4’s Lindsay Czarniak spoke with several players and, naturally, the playoff performance was discussed. Among the sound bites was the fact that Mike Green met with sports psychologists over the summer.

“I think I’m in a good state right now,” Green said. “I worked on myself over the summer. I talked with sports psychologists on how to prepare myself to play in the playoffs. I’m ready to go. I’m a confident player right now.”

Brooks Laich also spoke about the frustration.

“It’s kind of funny when you talk to fans and they say they were bitterly disappointed after the loss last year,” Laich said. “Well, you take their frustration and multiply it by a million and you have one of our player’s frustration.

“Myself, I was born 27 years ago and I’ve been chasing the Stanley Cup ever since. It’s all I’ve ever known,” he said. “And when you put in 12 months of work with the offseason, the preparation, the weight room, the practices — and you’re never guaranteed anything — you put in that work and you want to see results and all of a sudden you’re knocked out in the first round. It’s not very easy to take. Waking up in the middle of the night and not sleeping for a few hours because you’re frustrated.”

There is more from Green and Laich along with Boudreau, Knuble, and Ovechkin in videos from Lindsay’s inteviews after the jump.

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