26 Letters’ Worth of NHL Preview

DJ Gallo turns his entertainingly-snarky keyboard toward the hockey today, with his A-Z preview of the 2010-11 NHL Season. Included are several Capitals-related blurbs, such as:

H — “Hard Knocks: NHL”
Alexander Ovechkin and the Capitals and Sidney Crosby and the Penguins will get the HBO 24/7 treatment in the lead-up to the Winter Classic at Heinz Field on Jan. 1. I’ve heard several people say stuff like, “This won’t work; Ovechkin is entertaining, but Sidney Crosby is extremely boring off the ice.” That’s absurd and completely backward. What’s so entertaining about Ovechkin? A young millionaire Russian who likes to party? Been done. Whereas, Sidney Crosby is a young international superstar millionaire who lives with his middle-aged boss and his family in the suburbs. To me, that sounds like the greatest reality show of all time.

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