Back on the Air Today, Back in Our Town Saturday

A highpoint of this Saturday’s second Capitals Fan Convention will be the return of Olie Kolzig. This morning #37 appeared on DC-101 with Elliot Segal, and was deeply reflective about his career and especially about how it ended. Key reflections:

  • His career should have ended after 2008 — “Age took over”
  • “I’m a Cap through and through”
  • Cristobal Huet “would have been better off” had he remained in Washington for 2008-09. His move to Chicago forced the Caps into signing (expensively) Jose Theodore, and now Huet, whose tenure with the ‘Hawks was catastrophic, is playing his pro hockey overseas.

Elliot certainly was right in suggesting that the reception Kolzig will enjoy this Saturday from more than 6,000 red-clad fans will be special.


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6 Responses to Back on the Air Today, Back in Our Town Saturday

  1. muddapucker says:

    Ollie is a class act.

  2. Chasta says:

    Olie is the reason that I enjoy hockey and became a Caps fan.

  3. Bryanne says:

    Hey Keeley – saw the schedule for the Convention on Saturday. Congrats on the Discussion Panel! It is a little unfortunate that you are in the same timeslot as the Locker Room Stories panel.

    Conflicts man… conflicts! I want to see everything!

  4. Geo says:

    I do wish Olie the Goalie had gotten the opportunity to have a proper farewell that 2008 season and had retired then. Hopefully they’ll retire his number at some point and give him a chance to have a proper ceremony then. 🙂

    From the wayback machine:

    I guess we’ll never know if Huet might’ve continued to excel in a Caps uniform, or if he just got hot in a contract year and would’ve ended up the goalie equivalent of Nylander had he resigned in D.C.

  5. OvieTracker says:

    Like CHASTA, Olie is the reason why I became a Caps fan years ago when I got satellite TV. My love of hockey and the team has never waned despite the fact that they, more than any other reason, are responsible for my premature aging.

    The Caps should do the right thing and make amends for not giving him the farewell he deserved after the 2008 season. He deserves to have his jersey number retired with all the pomp and circumstance the ceremony will involve. He is the essence of what class act means as MUDDAPUCKER said.

  6. Dawn says:

    Olie is also the reason i became a Caps fan. It was heartbreaking to watch his career with the Caps end the way it did. He truly is a class act and deserves to have his number retired. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow at the convention.

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