Debut of the Ewell Cup

There were actually two sets of fierce competition out of the ice at KCI yesterday. The Duchesne Cup was decided during Tuesday’s lunch hour, but that was followed by the main event: the inaugural Ewell Cup, named for the host of the annual media skate, Capitals’ Vice President of Communications, Nate Ewell. WNST’s Ed Frankovic coined the name of the new prize, and it seemed fitting. Nate organized the skate to give local hockey media a greater appreciation of the skills required of hockey players. If we had any doubts before 2:30 yesterday, we don’t now.

For nearly 90 minutes yesterday media of all hockey backgrounds — from first-time skaters to under-practiced beer-leaguers — laced ’em up and earned a good sweat. There were lots of goal celebrations and even more smiles. Last night on Facebook I saw updates from at least a half dozen of yesterday’s shinny skaters, all united in one sentiment: the outing made them feel like 12-year-olds at play again. That’s the recreational version of our sport at its best. WUSA-TV’s Brett Haber and I met at center ice to get the showdown started:

Bruce Boudreau stopped by to take a look at the proceedings, but like the literature professor who dreads the crude prose of stacked freshman composition essays, recoiled at the spectacle and quickly sought refuge in the coach’s film room.

And Comcast Sportsnet’s Michelle Scalise was on hand to capture our collective, underwhelming efforts at securing 10-day Amateur Tryout Contracts:


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1 Response to Debut of the Ewell Cup

  1. RS Albers says:

    I’m glad my sick backwards skating skills were shown on CSN in all their. Just ignore me slipping a second later…

    It was fun On Frozen Ringers I mean Bloggers :). Looking forward to it again!

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