Scrimmage Slideshow

Yesterday’s rookie scrimmage was a highly-anticipated and hotly-contested affair. It was an excellent showcase of both the talents and necessary improvements of the young players. A few thoughts on the game:

– Why were *orange* wristbands provided for entry?

– It was unusual that the Flyers rookie team actually had a C and two A’s (see photo).

– Cody Eakin’s end-to-end rush to score the game winner was an impressive show of speed.

– The Flyers tended to go after the smaller players, and left the giants like Joe Finley alone. Probably a smart move, given Finley’s thunderous hit on Zach Miskovic at July’s development camp that resulted in a nagging injury for Miskovic.

– It was nice to see Lavar Arrington and Chad Dukes from 106.7 broadcasting live from Kettler. Wish more media outlets would do that.

Thanks to Chanuck for his photography assistance and game analysis.

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