Love at First Bite (Desserts, Not Vampires, at Kettler)

Victoria holds a tray of her chocolate chip cookies outside the media room at Kettler. Photo by OFB's Alex Perlmutter.

She makes a pound cake that’s beloved by established journalists on the Capitals beat. Her Red Velvet cupcakes have made Russian hockey machines in training (Caps prospects Evgeny Kuznetsov and Dmitri Orlov) salivate, and her recipe for cookies may or may not have a friend on the Capitals coaching staff.

And, lucky for the media that covers the Washington Capitals, she’s a Caps fan.

Victoria, or @washcapsrock as she’s known on Twitter, has been baking sweets and breakfast foods on and off for the Caps PR and members of the media since Washington’s playoff games against the Montreal Canadiens last April. Victoria, who lives in Fairfax, Va., said the tradition started through a discussion on Twitter with Nate Ewell and Paul Rovnak of the Caps PR staff (it was perhaps the one bright spot coming out of the Caps’ playoff run in with the Canadiens earlier this year).

“I thought okay, practice at 9:30, or 9 o’clock, …we had a game that night, I knew that the Canadiens were going to be practicing after us, and I thought, you know, it’s kind of a really long day for these guys,” said Victoria, laughing at herself for talking about the team in the first person.

So she put together a breakfast menu – complete with orange juice — and brought it in. She even had members of Montreal Canadiens press corps approach her to ask about the spread. Then, during development camp in July, the Caps actually had to set up a table in the media area to hold all the food.

“I’m from the South. We like to feed people,” Victoria explained to OFB. “It’s in my genes.”

The good news for the Capitals’ AHL affiliate Hershey Bears is that Virginia is a season ticket holder in Hershey – she’s already started baking for the media at Giant Center.

“My theory is, I’m your cook, not your doctor,” Victoria said.

She said her family doesn’t understand why she would drive several hours just to attend a hockey game, but she remains nonplused. She actually saved some of her vacation time so that she could attend parts of rookie camp and training camp this month.

“It killed me not to be here [at Kettler] for development camp,”  said Victoria, who explained her love of the Caps franchise came on gradually.

Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau would not go on record as having eaten any of the cookies but did seem to know a curiously lot about them.

“I’ve seen them go fast,” Boudreau said. “I’ve heard they’re very good. That’s what the people have told me.”

He is happy she’s a Caps fan, however, and said there have been times throughout his career where fans or booster clubs will bring baked goods to the bus.

“We’re very grateful,” Boudreau said. “We appreciate it.”

Someone get this lady season tickets to the Capitals.

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2 Responses to Love at First Bite (Desserts, Not Vampires, at Kettler)

  1. nafsnep says:

    This is awesome. Do you know how to make comfort food? You’ll need alot when Wilkes-Barre / Scranton beats Hershey this year.

    In all seriousness, it is awesome that you take the time to do this for the players, coaches, staff etc. Awesome story!

  2. Mmmmm! Look yummy, wish we had you working for us haha.

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