Enforcement Endorsement

Earlier in the offseason, when the Caps acquired D.J. King from St. Louis, I offered some pretty piercing commentary on the necessity of that move. Specifically, I wrote:

I thought about [Bradley’s] health and welfare looking ahead, and what this trade most especially meant for that. Last season Bradley, a middleweight, was asked by the Capitals to police, rather singularly, as a heavyweight. His valor was unassailable, his success . . .  and in reacting on Twitter I termed what was asked of Brads last season “immoral.” Now Matt Bradley, who is a good and important hockey player in Washington, can concentrate on playing good and important hockey, and also likely lengthen his career.”

And so I read with interest the reaction Brads had to the King trade, as related to the Washington Post this week.

“Bradley welcomed the addition of tough-guy D.J. King, whose presence could limit how many times the 32-year-old right wing has to drop the gloves this season.

“He’s obviously in a way higher weight class than I’m in, so it’s great to have a guy like him here,” Bradley said. “He’s a great character guy and definitely one of the toughest guys in the league, so hopefully he can put some fear in the other teams, where we didn’t really have a lot of that the last couple of years.”

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5 Responses to Enforcement Endorsement

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  2. Hittman says:

    Let’s hope that DJ can keep his health intact, or otherwise we’ll once again be treated to Bradley’s strange brand of “enforcing” wherein he bleeds all over a guy in an apparent effort to gross him out Tyler Durden style.

  3. Covesdog says:

    Hittman, that definitely was the funniest thing I’ve read this morning.

  4. Agreed — perfect reference Hittman. 🙂

  5. Hittman says:

    Kinda feel bad for having written that, as I love MB, but that one fight last year where he was covered in blood came to mind, as well as the Carcillo sucker punch/cheap shot/gray area knockout. 🙂

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