A Former Redskin Picks Ovechkin Over McNabb

We mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, but Thursday’s Washington Post Live had a great round table session on which DC area athlete is the Most Valuable? This stemmed from a discussion that Mike Wise has had on 106.7 The Fan. Mike Wise picks Donovan McNabb. Former Washington Redskin Rick “Doc” Walker picks Ovechkin “hands down” and mocks Wise for his choice.



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5 Responses to A Former Redskin Picks Ovechkin Over McNabb

  1. bucknelldad says:

    Proof once again that Mike Wise needs a one-way ticket to St. Elizabeth’s. As a Philly resident, I cannot stop laughing as his goofy, idiotic placement of McNabb over Ovie — let’s see if Wise still feels that way after 1) the Caps finally make it past 2 Stanley Cup playoff rounds and 2) the ‘skins lose twice to the Eagles and finish once again at the bottom of the NFC East.

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  3. NHL Observer says:

    I understand Wise’s logic, I just don’t support it. His argument is that if McNabb goes down, the Redskins are done like dinner. The truth is though, that if Ovechkin goes down, so are the Caps. They’ll still win games in the regular season, but if Ovechkin goes down and misses playoff games, any chance that this team has of winning anything evaporates.

  4. Hittman says:

    If this is a question of who is most valuable to their team, Ovechkin is the unquestionable heart and soul of the Caps, but there is a great team behind him these days. McNabb, meanwhile, is already forgotten in Philadelphia, and is way past his prime of 5 or more years ago. Plus, he has played zero snaps in a Redskins uniform in the regular season. Stupid question.

  5. Eric says:

    why are we such a redskins town? i love the skins as much as the next guy, but the redskins have had two good years in the last 10. wall and the wizards are 2-3 years away. the nats don’t have all the pieces yet, as much as strasburg is helping. the caps are the only team in DC that one can truly say is in the top 5-10 in the league and has been for the past three years, something you can’t say about the three other teams here in town. ovechkin is going to be the biggest icon in DC sports history here in a couple of years. i love the skins, but until snyder is gone, that franchise will never win a super bowl. the caps are DC’s team now, people. DEAL WITH IT! if you want a championship brought back to the capital, support the caps and make us into a hockey town the likes of detroit or montreal!

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