Verizon Center Gets Free Wi-Fi Access

Good news over at Ted’s Take for fans of the Capitals, Wizards, and Mystics:

We have installed free, unrestricted wireless Internet access at Verizon Center, and it’s currently available for Mystics games and will be available for the upcoming Capitals and Wizards seasons. Our new FanAccess Wi-Fi network allows fans with wireless devises the ability to connect to the web from their seats.

This move is a leap forward for fans’ connectivity during games—both for incoming information and for sharing observations directly from the event. No longer will fans have to rely on cellphone reception to stay connected to chats, Twitter, out-of-town games, and of course On Frozen Blog (clearly!).

While some stadiums and arenas already have free Wi-Fi, very few offer it in the seats—most have designated “Wi-Fi hotspots” rather than in-seat connectivity.

Some may fear that free WiFi will distract some patrons from the on-ice action. But let’s be honest: Those who prefer to bury their noses in an LCD screen already do so. The rest of us just have a better way to keep connected, to share those “Omigod!” moments of in-game excitement that you just don’t get from watching on television.

So kudos to Leonsis and his technical team for making the entire Phone Booth a very hot spot indeed.

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7 Responses to Verizon Center Gets Free Wi-Fi Access

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  2. Phil says:

    Doesn’t affect me. I actually go there to watch the game.

  3. Well yeah, Phil, so do we all (at least the real fans do). But it’ll be nice to have Wi-Fi access during breaks in the action.

  4. Alex says:

    If you read the fine print of his post, coverage is only going to be available in the Players Club, Dewar’s Club and the Acela Club, not in any of the seats. Still, it’s a start.
    You’d think with a place named the Verizon Center they’d have Verizon coverage and wifi hotspots everywhere.

  5. meg says:

    Actually, the news release says it will reach the seats, but not the concourse, for that only the Club areas will have Wifi. So it sounds like we should be able to have it in our seats. I am not going to use it during the game, but during intermissions it would be nice as the att coverage is awful. More than the actual wifi I think its great that Ted is taking the requests of the fan into account and making some changes – that was one that a LOT of people were asking for. We are lucky to have such a responsive owner who seems to genuinely care about the fan experience.

  6. Meg, you’re right — Alex read it in reverse. It’s in the seats.

    And I agree regarding Ted listening to fans; he’s a model owner compared to many in the NHL and beyond.

  7. nadir says:

    I just saw this and all I have to say is finally. On more than one occasion I would try to look up the final lines from Tarik’s blog right before the game, but never could.

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