Vecherinka With RMNB

So a major shout-out is in order for the intrepid crew of Russian Machine Never Breaks, who hosted a combination anniversary/charity party over the weekend. The event was a blast, the beverages plentiful, and the OvieBurger? An unholy and delicious union, part burger, part Reuben.

It was great to meet Ian, Neil, Peter, Kyle, and Addison—we’ve been  enjoying the past year of RMNB, and are looking forward to Year 2. And there was a nice dash of celebrity thanks to Wes Johnson & Samantha Casey.

Kudos to the fans and fellow bloggers who bought plenty  of raffle tickets—the RMNB team exceeded their fundraising goal for Samantha’s Love146 charity, an organization fighting child sex trafficking and exploitation.

Speaking of raffles, Mrs. OC won what may be the oddest prize of the night: a, um, unique Michael Jenkins coloring-book page autographed by the Comcast SportsNite anchor himself. See the photos below . . . it’s worth a look.

Finally, a hearty hello to the many fun folks in attendance (in addition to those mentioned above), including Murph of Homer McFanboy, Elisabeth of DCist, Emily of Japers’ Rink, Suzanne Kang (great job with the raffle tix!), Chanuck (who somehow got a pass to come out despite his 6-day-old child), @mildbestwishes, OFB reader and Front242 fan (blanking on your name right now, my apologies) and his friend with the excellent Team RHFC sweater… and so many more.

We had a terrific time—a wonderful dose of puck in the hockey-light summer heat. Thanks, RMNB!

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