The Devil Is in the Contract Details

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5 Responses to The Devil Is in the Contract Details

  1. Kurt says:

    As an NJ-based Caps fan who just bought season tickets because Devils hockey > no hockey… OW.

  2. OvieTracker says:

    @KURT: is that a good OW or a bad OW? Are you hurting for the Devils having spent away the franchise, or are you hurting for the Caps having to deal with their rivals having Kovalchuk locked up for nearly two decades?

    I’m curious as to what Ovie thinks about his fellow Russian robbing Lou Lamorello’s bank in broad daylight? And making more than he does for a portion of the contract? I also wonder what Alex Semin must be thinking.

    What’s that? I hear the distinct sounds of rumblings and grumblings in the DC area. And Caps training camp is almost two months away.

  3. Kurt says:

    I was excited about the deal when I first hurt, because it makes the Devils more exciting now while I’m here, and I figured that it would handcuff the Devils and force them to be weaker in the long run due to cap hit.

    Then I was excited because the $6M cap hit meant I’d be watching a good team with Kovalchuk 43 or so times a year as long as I live here, until they lose in the first round again.

    So this is more of an OW that I see it as likely that this will cost the Devils Kovy (let’s face it, he’s no team player and he’ll take the Kings’ $80M or SKA’s $100M before Lou will give him the higher cap hit), Jay Grossman his career (you can’t be a certified agent if you’ve ever been found to circumvent the cap), and Lou his job (he threw the owner under the bus at today’s press conference, and his comments have to have helped the league’s decision – Vanderbeek is going to be THRILLED that Lou embarrassed him and the league smacked him down).

    But my biggest OW – this virtually guarantees that Donald Fehr will be NHLPA head, and I have to think that if you want to watch hockey in two years, you’d better live in an AHL city or fire up the DVR, because if the league is setting off these cannons now, a lockout is damn near inevitable. Any fan who thinks this doesn’t affect them had better start looking ahead to the next CBA.

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  5. OvieTracker says:

    OW and OW again. Thanks for the reality check, even though the truth can, and often is, very painful.

    I feel a giant headache coming on as the storm clouds loom over the horizon. I’ll enjoy watching hockey while I can. In the meantime, I’ll clear up some DVR space to stockpile some footage over the next couple of years to tide me over when the dam breaks.

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