It Got a Little Feisty Out There Yesterday

Mike Rannells of the DC sports blog Fight for Old DC approached us just minutes after the conclusion of yesterday’s Development Camp scrimmage with this merry message: “Have I got some photos of Finley’s fight you guys will like.” Number 59 was just a few feet away at that moment, overheard Mike, and said, “Hey, send those along to OFB.”

The new media commitment of my new bloggermate, even weary from battle!

Anyway, about those photos Mike took — they’re museum-worthy! My kind of museum, anyway. OFB has fun producing a distinctive Christmas card each fall; with a Santa’s cap Photo-shopped in on a certain slugger here I think we may have stumbled upon our Yuletide greeting for 2010.

photo by Mike Rannells

photo by Mike Rannells

photo by Mike Rannells

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5 Responses to It Got a Little Feisty Out There Yesterday

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  2. Hittman says:

    Was that a real fight or pro wrestling stuff? Seems pretty stupid to be fighting in development camp. I know what Herb Brooks would say.

  3. Johan says:

    Finley’s hit on Miskovic and his fight were clear indications that he is a moron. The sooner we rid ourselves of the dead weight that Big Joe is, the better.

  4. bill says:

    C’mon boys….First of all it was a totally clean hit…one of about 100 in that game. Secondly the other guy called him out and challenged him to the fight. What is he supposed to do?….run away? Not a bad showing for his first game in 8 months. Perhaps your not used to a D man actually hitting someone. Cheap hit or running a guy…I would agree with you….clearly not the case. The fight was not the best…..neither was Brock Lesnars after a year off….but they both won.

  5. Hittman says:

    After watching the video I think i was right the first time…pro wrestling crap. No punches landed. It was probably pre-arranged. Well, I guess if you’re in your mid twenties and haven’t cracked the AHL roster you have to try anything, amirite?

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