Postcard from a Development Camper

To my friendly OFB readers, and my buds back in Minnesota:

Today started out with a bang, LITERALLY, as Bruiser slammed the door on his way out at 7:15 a.m. I assume someone relayed my comments from yesterday to him, but he promises it was an accident… you never know. I was fortunate enough to get an extra hour of sleep. Before I stumbled into breakfast just before they closed it up.

We started today with an upper body and core off-ice workout while Group B was on the ice for practice. Although it was an upper body day I recall more guys complaining of how sore their legs were from yesterday (Ubie’s and leg workout regimen). Fortunately for the prevention of my leg soreness, but unfortunately for my 2009-10 season, I’ve had plenty of time to condition my legs during my extended offseason due to injury.

Afterwards we were prepped in the theater room with the first four drills of the day and watched some video that emphasized controlled forecheck, neutral zone, and defensive zone coverage. Lucky for me I’ve learned the system and been able to play a number of games from previous camps, so it wasn’t anything new. It was difficult at first to get all the guys on the same page, but after a few times everyone got the hang of it. [con’t]

On Frozen Blog Reader
Washington, DC

[continuation of postcard text]
After practice I met with Pete Marshall from Warrior to get some equipment situated for training camp and spend some extra time stretching and in the cold tub. Delly couldn’t have been in the cold tub for more than 10 seconds before he made the smart decision and chatted the rest of us up from the hot tub.

All the guys that made it out of the rink in time went on a tour of DC on a boat. I wish I would have made it. From what I heard it was a unique experience. Ian Anderson never stops coming up with great things to entertain us with.

Dinner was on our own tonight so I ventured over to M street to walk around and have a nice meal. After eating I walked outside to find the streets full of water and later figured out I missed a heavy shower. Thank goodness it held off all day and didn’t wreck the boat tour.

I capped the day off today watching some hilarious youtube videos with Bruiser and Kurt Davis. We went back and forth a bit showing funny clips, but I have to say we all laughed the hardest at old wrestling interviews from the Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage. Here’s one of the ridiculous links:

I’m thankful my heart rate isn’t as high as Macho Man’s right now because it’s time to rest up for our first scrimmage tomorrow.


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