The Finley Files: Camp Gets Underway

photo by OFB

Day 2 of Development Camp in D.C.:

Rolled out of bed after a couple of 5-minute snoozes to my phone alarm, but still managed to tip-toe around so “Bruiser” (Trevor Bruess) could continue to get his beauty rest for Group B’s cordial 9:15 a.m. rink arrival. I was surprised to see the breakfast buffet packed at 7:15 a.m. with every player except myself and of course Bruiser (sound asleep). Evidently the B Squad didn’t get the memo that they had 2 hours to get to the rink, and breakfast is served until 9:30 a.m. Hopefully they’ll learn for tomorrow. I do have to compliment Cody Eakin on his attempt to be the red-headed Nick Backstrom with his slicked-back “flow.”

Our morning skate this morning went well with Coach Boudreau, Coach Woods, and Coach Evason at the reins even though Dmitri Orlov and I were having trouble decoding what each other had to say! If you don’t know, Orlov, a second-round pick of the Caps last year, doesn’t know a whole lot of English. And how should he — he’s spent the entirety of his career playing in Russia. He’s spent his whole life there. Imagine how my Russian would be if I were to head over to Moscow for a camp this summer. Anyway, I think he’s a terrific looking player.

Practice this morning had a focus on systems with emphasis on out breakouts and forechecking. We did a number of competitive 2-on-1s, 2-on-2s, and 3-on-2 drills. Practice came to a close after about an hour and 45 minutes, but not before a healthy dose of side boards (they look like torture, cause they are), called an “Ubie.”

I would be compromising Group A if I didn’t point out the fact that Group B’s Ubie set mimicked their 9:15 rink arrival. While our coaches were in the stands.

After the skate and a shower Braden Holtby, Stefan Della Rovere and myself grabbed some sushi across from Kettler, and we were joined by OFB’s own, John Keeley. Orlov and his two translators, Gino Kuznetsov and Stan Galiev, also joined us. We went back to Kettler for a nutrition seminar that was put on by Championship Nutrition’s Sue Sanders. She did a great job outlining the basics and went above and beyond to answer all our questions.

I finished the day at the rink with some more off-ice testing and a leg workout in the weight room. I stretched, foam rolled, and used the cold tub before heading back to the hotel for a walk in the rain.

I thought it might be fun with this journal-blog to share a little about myself apart from my hockey career. I enjoy going fishing, and I enjoy playing golf. I haven’t played as much golf this offseason because of my hand injury initially.

The guys at OFB asked me if I splurged at all when I first signed with the Caps, if I treated myself to any bit of extravagance or indulgence. Well, I bought a new computer, which I know doesn’t sound all that exciting. But I also bought a 2010 Chevy Tahoe. You got have a vehicle big enough to fit in, and not feel like you broke your back when you go for a long drive.

My favorite movie? Easy. ‘Apocalypse Now.’ Solid flick.

Favorite hockey movies? Well, here’s how I’d rank them. You have to put ‘Slapshot’ at no. 1. Then I’d have ‘Miracle’ at no. 2, though I guess a few of my non-American teammates might disagree. Then I have a tie for third: ‘Youngblood’ — which I haven’t seen in a while, but a lot of guys seem to like — and ‘Mystery, Alaska.’

I’ve been to Alaska — played there while at UND. Walking around D.C. this week, it doesn’t feel much like Alaska.

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