One Entry Draft Order of Mayhem To Go, Please

Big-bodied maker of mischief

“The Undertaker.”

Sound like the nickname of a D-man you wouldn’t mind seeing in a Caps’ sweater in the seasons ahead? Get in line wearing the foil behind us.

That nickname was coined by an NHL scout this past season for Dylan McIlrath, a 6 ‘4, 212-lb. Moose Jaw Warrior rearguard. He had 19 fighting majors this past season and, scouts claim, didn’t lose a single one of them.

Guess where the Undertaker is slated to get selected in this Friday’s Entry Draft, according to the Hockey News Draft Preview?

Twenty sixth.

“McIlrath is the toughest player in this year’s draft,” the Hockey News suggests. TSN’s survey of pro scouts arrived at the identical conclusion. TSN’s Bob McKenzie thinks McIlrath could go as high as no. 15.

Trade up, then.

The Undertaker isn’t a one-dimensional mass of mischief, either.

“He has a cannon from the point and a good wrist shot,” a scout told THN. He’s likely available in the back end of the first round this year by virtue of his possessing unexceptional foot speed and puck skills.

There’s puck skill aplenty on the current Capitals; what they conspicuously lack throughout the lineup are a few disseminators of big-time whoop-ass — guys who by virtue of their mere presence make shifts miserable for the opposition, and just as importantly, serve as deterrents for liberties being taken against the Caps’ skill guys.

What if the Caps select the Undertaker at no. 26 Friday night and Joe Finley blooms late and Alexander Ovechkin returns to his natural wrecking ball ways?

Call that the stuff of summer dreams that don’t involve hotties in hockey sweaters.

With a deep debt of gratitude to Youtube let us behold this behemoth’s fist-work in the W from this past hockey season:

And in this clip notice how the Undertaker lurches into an instant defense of his teammate even the moment a clean but heavy check is delivered:

Here’s hoping Friday night in Hollywood delivers a horror film menace for Capitals’ future opponents.

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2 Responses to One Entry Draft Order of Mayhem To Go, Please

  1. Hittman says:

    Knowing mcphee the caps will somehow get softer…

  2. McIlrath would be a good pick — a stay-at-home guy with a powerful shot, who also flattens opponents. The Caps don’t need a fighter per se; they need a player with skill who’ll also scare (and punish as needed) the other team.

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