More Love For The Capitals’ Classic Sweaters

Yesterday I waxed rhapsodic about the return of a Capitals throwback. I contacted The Washington Capitals regarding what the team will wear for the 2011 Winter Classic, and they understandably have no comment on which jersey (or pants for that matter) the Caps will wear on New Year’s Day.

But if looks at the previous three Classics, not one team wore their “modern” sweaters for the game. And frankly, all the throwbacks looked terrific . . . so much so that I actually purchased an authentic Lidstrom Detroit jersey because it was just so sweet-looking—enough that it overrode my Capitals-based Detroitaphobia.

Capitals president Dick Patrick confirmed that the team is getting serious about their gameday threads:

“One of the more endearing features of previous Winter Classics has been the participants donning old, “throwback” jerseys for just the one game. The players seem to enjoy sporting different sweaters, while fans have also taken a liking to the “new” old look.

“Whether or not that look will include a nod to the white pants worn briefly and infamously during the franchise’s early history remains to be seen.

“’I think it’s very cool for them, I think it’s cool for everyone,’ says Patrick. ‘The Reebok people have been down [to Washington] with the league people to go over thoughts on creating a jersey just for this game for the Washington Capitals. It will be a throwback; I am not sure if the pants will be white or red or blue, but they will be different.'”

But what exactly will they wear? That’s where we ask you, our readers, which ones you’d most like to see the Capitals wear in the Classic. The Caps have five “throwbacks” from which to choose; vote below to pick which you think they’ll wear (or which you’d want them to wear) on January 1, 2011.

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4 Responses to More Love For The Capitals’ Classic Sweaters

  1. Eric says:

    Well, it’s got to be something darker than the Pens’ powder puff blue sweaters right? I’m thinking red classic?

  2. Grooven says:

    Anything but the awful blue 90s eagle… But I think classic red is the way to go.

  3. OvieTracker says:

    I agree with both Eric and Grooven. The Pens powder puff blue jerseys and the Caps old Eagle jerseys are awful. Classic Red is the way to go, although if the Caps are the visiting team will they have to wear a white jersey for the Winter Classic? I suppose it depends on what the host team Pens wear.

  4. I think the Pens are going to switch up and go Gold for their sweaters. Still, I’d prefer the Classic Reds, with the Classic Whites as a second choice, for the Capitals regardless of what the Pens wear.

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