Backstrom Deal: 10 Years, $67 Million

Nicklas Backstrom has reached a deal with the Washington Capitals: 10 years, $67 million. Fellow Swede Marcus Johansson also signed today, a three-year entry-level deal.

Ted Leonsis emphasized the family aspect of the team: “Alex adopted Nick as a younger brother . . .” Building a young core is the way to ensure the team’s “upside.” Per Coach Boudreau, the Capitals now have “two of the top five players in the league” signed to long-term deals.

Watch the press conference here.

UDPATE: More details on the deal from the Caps’ official site.

UPDATE: Tarik has the year-by-year breakdown of the deal.

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9 Responses to Backstrom Deal: 10 Years, $67 Million

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  2. Leona Wang says:

    Backstrom’s my Boy!!

  3. muddapucker says:

    Backstrom has not tapped his potential. Each year, he keeps getting better and better. The limit is not in sight. Ovechkin came in with a roar and, perhaps, is closer to having realized his full potential.

    In OV’s case, its more like sustaining his play at the phenominal level he has set it at. He can’t get much better.

    Backstrom is improving every year. His best years lie ahead. Backstrom will soon be regarded (if he isn’t already) as the best playmaker in the league with a deadly shot to boot, not to mention his iron man play.

    A great day for the Caps! A most significant signing.

  4. Kevin H says:

    In a season that ended in such heartbreaking fashion, this bit of good news is another tiny step on the road to recovery for me personally. #19 brings it every single night and he is fun to watch. He makes everyone around him better by leaps and bounds. Nothing better you can say about a player than that….very happy about this news.

  5. trekonor says:

    I’m Swedish-American and I’m happy for Backstrom but he deserves as much blame for the team’s disappearing act over the last 3 playoff games as much as anyone. He needs to step it up it in the playoffs to earn this kind of dough – just like our coaching staff and a lot of other players. That means playing with a mean streak, crashing the net, blocking shots and forechecking hard. Look at the Flyers right now if you want to see playoff hockey (and especially Chris Pronger -who the Caps should have gone after last year if they had learned their lessons from the Pittsburgh series, which they obviously did not).

  6. @ TREKONOR, I have to say, Backstrom is one of the players who seemed in top form during the playoffs. I agree that the team overall would benefit from more Brooks Laich types, and one or two nasty d-men… but Nicklas IMO performed well.

  7. Doc says:

    @TREKONOR I believe Backstrom could be a better player If he had some help from Ovie and the others But It seems money is no object for the Caps Organization they seem to have a way in wasting money for players that never seem to produce when needed when the playoffs arrive !!!!!

  8. BONZAI says:

    This is a fantastic deal for both the Caps and Backstrom, who is now financially secure for life. The Caps locked up a player who looks to be a top flight center and perennial 100 point per season scorer over what should be the most productive period of his career. To get that at a 6.7 mil cap hit over 10 years should prove to be a great investment and possibly somewhat of a discount. Look at the top-end young players who already make the same/more money or have new extensions starting next season but will have to be re-signed by their teams within the next 5 years: Crosby, Malkin, Richards, Carter, Toews, Kane, Kopitar, Getzlaf, Kessel. All those players will likely sign new contracts that will exceed Backstom’s 6.7 mil cap hit. I am ecstatic over this contract.

  9. OvieTracker says:

    The prospect of Ovie and Nicky playing together for at least 10 more years is the silver lining in the dark cloud of the Caps past season. It provides me with a glimmer of hope for the Caps future after the gut-wrenching diappointment of the Caps early ouster from the playoffs.

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