Schadenfreude in Seven: Habs 5 / Pens 2

Montreal Canadiens Moore celebrates his first period goal in front of the Pittsburgh Penguins bench during their NHL Eastern Conference semi-final hockey series in Pittsburgh
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15 Responses to Schadenfreude in Seven: Habs 5 / Pens 2

  1. gmucrew7 says:

    So bittersweet

  2. Dorie says:

    Schadenfreude…never been so happy to see the guys that beat us win! CROSBY ISNT PLAYING HOCKEY IN JUNE!

  3. mostholy2 says:

    Agreed. While I’m happy that the Pens won’t have a cakewalk to the finals, I still can’t help but feel sad for what could have been this year.

  4. Unbelievable game by Montreal — and a shocking way to end the Mellon Arena era.

  5. VanZabDan says:

    Perhaps Le Habs are pretty good after all. Didn’t think they had a chance when the series started.

  6. The Penguins are 2-4 in Game 7s in Pittsburgh. Bizarre.

  7. Uriah says:

    Feels strange not hating Montreal anymore.

    They have the best goalie in the NHL right now. He was unreal when it was still 4-2 in the third.

    I hope this result diminishes the sense of shame the Caps and their fans felt. Montreal has a damn good team. They remind me of the Devils when they were really good. Halak = Brodeur, Gomez, Gionta are well, Gomez and Gionta, and Hal Gil is Ken Daneyko.

  8. Eric says:

    I think it’s fitting that Montreal won the first and last games played at Mellon Arena.

    Now, burn it to the ground. Tonight.

  9. CapsFan1975 says:

    Oui! Oui! Oui!

    Ole Ole Ole!

    And as Eric pointed out (as well as some fans on other blogs), Pens term in Mellon Area (AKA the Igloo) ends the same way it started — with a loss by Montreal.

  10. Valleycapsfan says:

    Seeing the Pens lose was cold comfort but comfort just the same. Gotta give the Habs credit. They’re playing exactly the kind of hockey they have to play to beat teams with more talent.

  11. penguin pete says:

    i’m here to take my lumps.
    kris letang = mike green. (on a lesser scale, of course.)

    had to love the cammelleri to gionta alley-oop.

  12. TG says:

    What the hell was Gonchar thinking/doing on the shorthanded goal?

    And was I the only one thinking, “Oh no” when Pittsburgh cut it to 4-2?

  13. Gary says:

    Misery loves company, Pete.

    Welcome to the heartbroken club.

  14. penguin pete says:

    @TG: on the local pgh broadcast bob errey (not a good player but good color guy) said that gonch was getting close to interfering with moen and was expecting backup (see my letang comment). this made pretty good sense to me, though gonch’s body language didn’t help things.

    @gary: thanks!

  15. TheMermaid says:

    Agree with Uriah. If the Pens had rolled the Habs in four, we’d be choking dogs. Now it’s fair to say it’s not “all your fault!” We’re still disappointed at our house, but it’s not as much of a knife in the heart. And the bonus is no more watching you-know-who trying to grow his pathetic playoff “beard.”

    Question: in tradition of our signing Habs’ goalie discards, is Price next?

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