Hockey For Haiti, Crazy For Caps Loot

Craving gear from your favorite Capitals, but just can’t bring yourself to buy anything in the aftermath of their first-round loss? Well the National Hockey League Players’ Association is offering a terrific opportunity for you to expand your sweater collection with unique, game-worn offerings while contributing to a terrific cause.

The season might be over for the Capitals, but eBay and the NHLPA are teaming up to offer Caps fans a pretty cool consolation prize: the chance to own a piece of hockey history. eBay and the NHLPA will release the complete set of authentic, game-worn 2010 Olympic hockey jerseys for auction, benefiting the Hockey for Haiti charity.

The charity is a joint initiative between the NHLPA and player George Laraque, who was born to Haitian parents; like many people with personal connections to the tragedy, he still has family unaccounted for on the island nation. Hockey for Haiti aims to help strengthen Haiti’s ability to provide critical medical and health care for earthquake survivors.

They’re releasing the jerseys by country—last night was the first batch, Team Canada. Next week is your chance to bid on some sweet Team USA sweaters.

Of particular note to Capitals fans: on May 31 bidding begins for Teams Sweden (Nicklas Backstrom — see below) and Slovakia (Milan Jurcina). June 6 sees Russia (the Alexes) and Czech Republic (Flash) sweaters hit the market.

Granted, these classic sweaters will fetch a premium price; Drew Doughty’s Team Canada game-worn is already at $735 on its first day. But if you’re a sweater-addict like I am (over 100 jerseys and counting) you’ll at least want to check out the auctions. And remember, it’s all for an incredibly worthy cause.

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4 Responses to Hockey For Haiti, Crazy For Caps Loot

  1. Harrison says:

    Are they accepting donations b/c I’d love to get rid of my Mike Green jersey?

  2. VanZabDan says:

    For a good cause, trying to set up the wife already? You might need a little more than the article.

  3. @ Vanzabdan — yeah, the “good cause” argument won’t cut it for me anymore. But perhaps it might for others. 🙂

  4. The MadFlava says:

    The biggest surprise will be Norway’s Vikingstaad jersey will sell for more than any other jersey going up for sale!

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