Post Praise For Laich

Today’s Washington Post featured some letters to the editor about everyone’s favorite tire-changer.  

The April 30 front-page article “Deflated fans receive an unlikely assist” prompts one to ask: Who are these Washington Capitals anyway?

Here is Brooks Laich, on the heels of what was probably the worst defeat in his life, stopping on the Roosevelt Bridge to help a motorist change a tire. I am sure Mr. Laich did not do this to get good press; clearly, he did it because it was the right thing to do and because he sees himself as a member of this community. He even apologized for the game but stood by his team and its (truly) wonderful season, voicing the hope that the players can stay together.

Mr. Laich’s home town — Wawota, Saskatchewan — is a long way away. But obviously he learned how to treat neighbors. And that is what these Capitals are. They are our neighbors and are part of our community. Let us treat them with the respect that neighbors deserve.

Roger Sekera, Potomac


That Capitals forward Brooks Laich managed to help a stranded motorist on what was probably one of the most devastating nights of his hockey career provided some much-needed cheer to area Caps fans. Not only did he score the only goal of Game 7, but his commendable action on the Roosevelt Bridge just a few hours later was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal week for Washington hockey. It also helped remind all of us who had such high expectations of these young men that, in Mr. Laich’s own words, “We’re just people, too.”

Patricia Weil Coates and Liam CoatesFrederick

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One Response to Post Praise For Laich

  1. Jenn/ Irish says:

    I’ve been debating on who’s jersey to get next.. With the likely departure of Theodore (booooooo), I didn’t want to get a jersey that everyone else and their grandmother has… But still, I was torn between Pickles (aka Backstrom) and Laich… Hearing what Laich did – and seeing how he treats Caps fans – buried the competiton…

    I’ll be sporting #21 jersey before the next season starts… He may not be wearing the ‘C’ but he sure as hell acts like he does..

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