Another Final Four Appearance for Hershey

Where would we in Hockey D.C. be without the springtime performance of the Hershey Bears as agony-salve? They did it again last night. Mathieu Perreault scored the equalizer with 1:13 to play in game 4 in Albany, then added the series-winner for good measure at the 2:23 mark of OT. Bears 5, River Rats 4, series over in the minimum four games. The Bears move on to the American League Eastern Conference finals — their fourth appearance in the conference finals in the past five seasons.

Both John Carlson and Karl Alzner were back in the Bears’ lineup last night.

How about transferring a little of that postseason magic to the parent club?

A Little One Leads in OT (John Walton on the Call)

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7 Responses to Another Final Four Appearance for Hershey

  1. Geo says:

    >How about transferring a little of that postseason magic to the parent club?

    Well, they hired Bob Woods as Caps assistant for this season, and the magic didn’t rub off. Maybe they can hire French for next season? Then we’ll have the All Former Hershey Coaches Brigade. 🙂

    Like others, I’d like to see Perreault get an extended look with the Caps. They just seem convinced he doesn’t have the size to play full time in the NHL, but he seems to have as big a heart as anyone.

  2. Gabi says:

    GEO, you are on the money. I am not sure its heart as much as effort, or maybe even playing style. Without a doubt playoff hockey is a different style then regular season hockey. I was in the crowd in NJ for Perreault’s Cap debut and have said it from that night forward that he plays playoff style. Doesn’t give an inch and in constant motion.

  3. pucksandbooks says:


    Perreault would have helped on that power play against the Habs. I’m convinvced of it. Too inexperienced to be nervous. And there’s just something magical about the puck on his tape.

  4. VMC says:

    This is all very nice (Hershey’s success) but isn’t this really just more evidence that this team seriously blew it by not trading some of the mountain of prospects they’re sitting on for some serious upgrades at the deadline?

  5. CapsFan1975 says:

    Way to go, Hershey. Show the big boys how to win. And may some of the Bears break onto the big club next year so they can do just that. We’re looking at you, Matty and Karl, since John C. “Captain America” had already established himself on the big club even if he is helping Hershey at the moment.

  6. Todd says:

    Have any of the Hershey prospects really panned out though? Carlson looks promising but Alzner has been a semi-bust by most people’s accounts. Fleishchman is a bust. Steckel is a bust. Green in a possible bust. Fehr is the only possible good player from the Hershey alum…maybe Varly but only time will tell. So, when the Caps GM keeps talking about our prospects and how we have grown from within…I don’t buy it. Go out and get some more free agents to fill these holes…Hershey program still needs to prove itself at this level.

  7. BONZAI says:

    I agree that Carlson looks promising, but how is Alzner a “semi-bust by most people’s accounts”? He’s played 51 games at the NHL level at -3, I think that is pretty solid for a 20-21 year old. Not many young d men step right in and be studs like Drew Doughty. Next season we’ll know more about Carlson and Alzner as I feel the Caps will find a way to have them up all year. Fair assessments of Fleischman and Green considering their playoff performances (or lack thereof) and I don’t disagree, but I feel Steckel performs a good role for the team. He plays hard on the 3rd/4th line, provides toughness, and is a beast on faceoffs.

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