More Leadership from Brooks Laich

We know you’re feeling as we do today, and we also know there’s not a whole lot available to assuage our collective agony, but try this: read this terrific tale about Brooks Laich’s Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.

It goes like this: Mother and daughter are driving home out of the District distraught by the game 7 outcome. They hit a pothole. Tire goes flat. Mom calls AAA. Mom receives the typical AAA response — “We’ll be right there . . . not.”

Immobilized on the Roosevelt Bridge, outfitted in their red Caps’ sweaters, mother and daughter await aid in the vulnerable darkness of city night. Suddenly, a Saskatchewan knight in shining armor pulls over.

Brooks Laich, tire-changer.

Mother and daughter rescued.

Losing sucks, and losing in game 7 Super Sucks, but giving our hearts to hockey players — and most especially having hockey players in our community — is ever a blessing.

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15 Responses to More Leadership from Brooks Laich

  1. KateKintail says:

    As they say on the boards, Laich can do anything! What a great story. Absolutely just what I needed today, even if it brought tears to my eyes while I’m at work. I’m proud we have the group of guys we do here.

  2. Junior says:

    What a terrific story. Laich has more character in his little tire changing finger than a lot of people have in their entire bodies. My favourite part of the story is that he “apologized” to them for losing the game. That is impossibly cool.

    Sorry all you Caps fans are hurting today, I’m sure it stings more than a little, but it has to feel good knowing that guys such as Laich are the ones that you’ve been rooting for.

    As a Leafs fan, let me just tamper away a little bit and say we ALWAYS like it when we have guys like Laich on our team. Feel free to join us, Brooksie… 🙂

  3. Geo says:

    I swear I don’t work for AAA, but I wanted to chime in that at least in Va., I’ve always gotten a prompt response from AAA. 🙂

    Brooksie’s the best, and I just wish Game 7 had been a 1-0 victory with lasting memory being him swatting in a goal from his knees in front of the net.

  4. Dave says:

    Sucks to lose, but it’s been a great ride the last couple of years, and i’m already counting down the days to next season. Hope springs eternal.

  5. Marjolaine says:

    Enjoying a cup of coffee today with a friend and reminiscing over last nights game, we couldn’t help but wonder who the Caps fans would cheer for in the Habs/Pens series. Obviously we would have to strap you to a chair and have you watch the games a la Clockwork Orange style with toothpicks keeping your eyes open, but for real, who will you root for? The team who beat you or the team you wanted to really beat?

  6. Sam says:

    @Geo, that would have been nice. That, followed by Semin diving to block the empty net goal attempt. If the Caps won, that game would be played on the highlight reels for years, like Varlamov’s stop on Crosby on the goal line. Unfortunately, it got overshadowed by the loss.

  7. Sam says:

    @Marjolaine, I’m rooting for Montreal against the Penguins. The last thing I want is for Crosby to (figuratively) say “We did what you couldn’t do…” AGAIN.

  8. Marjolaine says:

    @Sam: I hear ya!

  9. Jenn/ Irish says:

    Laich rules… period

    And as far as the Habs/ Pens… I want Halak to do to them what he did to us…

  10. Gozling says:

    This is exactly why hockey players are differnt then any other type of professional athlete. Can you imagine a Redskin stopping to help someone after a devestating loss? Sure there might be a few on that team that would (couldn’t exactly say who but giving some the benefit of hte doubt), but the majority would probably drive on by. Be interested to hear if that made SportsCenter? In an Era where you hear all the time about people like Big Ben. Granted Brooksie didn’t throw someone out of the way of a moving car or something but still.

  11. Marjolaine says:

    I think Laich being a good Canadian boy had something to do with it…:)

  12. pucksandbooks says:


    I don’t know about SportsCenter, but Laich’s very good deed was a center-page lead story on Yahoo this morning.

  13. BONZAI says:

    Well, at least something Caps related brought a smile to my face these past days. Excellent stuff from Laich.

    @Marj Your Clockwork Orange analogy is spot on, I have absolutely no intentions of watching this series. But if I had to choose, I will take the Habs because I almost always root for an upset/the underdog.

  14. OvieTracker says:

    Brooks Laich went up another notch in my esteem and admiration after reading about his shining knight actions. Joe Sakic of the Colorado Avalanche did something similar a few years ago. After a disappointing game 7 loss, he and his wife Debbie were driving home and spotted a stranded motorist who went off the road and no one was helping. Joe and Debbie stopped to see what was wrong and called for help and waited with the motorist until help arrived. He’s a total class act.

    @MARJOLAINE: If there’s a Habs/Pens series I’m with the Habs!

  15. MichiganHockeyMomof3 says:

    what a great story about. you folks in D.C. have nothing to be ashamed of when you have hockey players like this guy. we will be watching for the Caps to play on next year! Here’s hoping Detroit can get out the mess they find themselves in right now. Play on, Capitals!

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