Caps / Habs Game Six Live Blog

We’re jumping into another live blog with fellow Caps and Habs bloggers. Game 4’s live blog was spirited, entertaining, civil, and a whole lot of fun.

Join us and enjoy the fun, won’t you?

The chat-puck drops at 6:30pm.

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26 Responses to Caps / Habs Game Six Live Blog

  1. McBride says:

    Other than being called a troll after making fun of Canadien fans at the Bell (Perhaps there should be more mention on the Habs sites that there are Caps fans joining the discussion through Capitals-centered websites?) I think this is a really cool concept.

  2. Marjolaine says:

    @mcbride: if you are who I think you are, what you said on the Habs fan site was downright insulting and abusive. Nonetheless, it doesn’t surprise me…

  3. McBride says:

    I am not who you think I am.

  4. doc says:

    GO HABS GO!!. Maybe The Habs are going all the WAY

  5. OvieTracker says:

    Meh. Blech. There’s no other word to describe what I’m seeing now, what I’ve seen for the past two games. Yet another game 7 is staring the Caps in the face, and based on their past history, I see more dark clouds on the horizon for Wednesday.

  6. RAY IN BOWIE says:

    Any of you who can’t believe this is happening have not been Caps fans long enough. We have the record for blown 3-1 leads esp with home ice advantage.
    I’ll be shaving Thursday it would appear, although i may not wait. I recently bought a jersey with my own name & Dale Hunters # on it because I figured i probably wouldn’t burn it.

  7. RAY IN BOWIE says:

    Bring Perreault up! He can at least match up with their midgets and maybe get a friggin rebound.

  8. RAY IN BOWIE says:

    MARJOLAINE: Get a grip. The Habs fans boo the National Anthem, so they can GFT.

  9. Ted says:

    Just win on Wednesday. The Canadiens are not going to have it any easier than we are.







  10. Marjolaine says:

    @Ray: I’m sorry the fans boo your song. Unfortunately there are idiots everywhere. But wasn’t the game sweet? YES!!!!

  11. khuddle says:

    Sigh. I’m beginning to believe this team will never win a Cup with McPhee as GM. The guy has less balls than Mr Rogers.

  12. Marjolaine says:

    Those referees did everything in their power to give the Caps the win tonight. Three diving penalties…there must be a buy-one, get-three-free special on diving penalties in the ref’s gift shop tonight.
    I can’t wait to see what tricks they have up their helmets on Wednesday.

  13. McBride says:

    Is the mark of being a legendary hockey town that the fans whine about everything, all the time, regardless of the outcome? Because the Habs fans have an inferiority complex like I’ve never seen.

  14. doc says:

    @ KHUDDLE What does Mcphee have to do with the situation the Caps are facing in this series between the Habs????The problem lies with the team itself, If they had a Captain who could lead them to the finals lets face It the Caps don,t have the leadership to win the cup !!! There seems to be alot of excuses when the game goes sour lets hope they pull Varly out and put in Theodore for Game 7 to give them a chance to wipe out the Habs.

  15. RAY IN BOWIE says:

    MARJOLAINE: It’s not “our song”. It’s the National Anthem of the United States of America. Huge difference. My grandparents and father were French Canadien, and my dad (rest his soul) would be embarrased by the booing. Enjoy the win, but get off your high horse about the officiating. Every dive was a dive or an embellishment. your goalie’s outplaying ours, and your PP actually is working unlike ours. Hell, our PK has 2 goals; our PP has one. The bounces eventually even out; you’d better hope it’s after Wednesday & not Wednesday.

  16. Ted says:

    I am surprised by the lack of Hockey IQ from what is supposed to be the most accomplished hockey team.

    I have far more resect for Flyers and Pens fans.

  17. RAY IN BOWIE says:

    TED: don’t go all crazy on us now. Remember, most of the Pens fans can’t read and the Flyers fans are usus too drunk to type.

  18. OvieTracker says:

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU to RAY IN BOWIE!

    Ahem. Someone here needs a primer on song titles. “Your Song” is by Elton John, not to be confused with the US national anthem! This same someone also needs a primer in courtesy when visiting the opposition’s blog.

  19. Marjolaine says:

    Dear McBride: On the contrary, we LOVED the outcome AND obviously we outplayed you. We’ll see what Wednesday has in toll as the series are dead even. May the best team win! As for the officiating tonight, maybe we weren’t watching the same game. Despite the fact the Habs were winners it doesn’t lessen the bad calls. Sorry you don’t agree, as the saying goes we all have our own opinion.

    Dear Ray in Bowie: I apologize for hurting your feelings if I have done so. I heard it mention here before (and maybe it was elsewhere, but I do believe it was here) a fellow commentator use the term “our song”. If you would prefer me calling it “your anthem”, I can do that if it pleases you.

    Dear Ted: Please clarify. You say you are “surprised about the hockey IQ from what is supposed to be the most accomplished hockey team.” Do you mean the players IQ or the fans IQ because your sentence does not make any sense.

    Good night all, it was a great game!

  20. McBride says:


    If your notion of outplaying the Capitals means surrendering a 54-22 shot advantage and praying your goalie stands on his head, I say please ‘outplay’ us again Wednesday night.

  21. Marjolaine says:

    Dear McBrid: We won therefore we outplayed you. Period.

  22. Sonja says:

    @Marjolain – Harumph … I saw your goalie make 53 saves. Where was your defense, hmmmm? That is not team play, that is a hot, hot goalie. If he does not show up on Wednesday, your team will be eliminated. Hubris is dangerous.

  23. McBride says:


    Well I hope the Canadiens play exactly the same way in Game 7. Good luck to your team.

  24. Marjolaine says:

    @Sonja: I’m not out of touch with reality. St-Halak is our star, there is no doubt about it. On another note, we scored three goals on our 22 shots. That all three goals were slap shots says a lot about our two scorers (Cammalleri had two of them, Lapierre, one). On the flip side, maybe one can ascertain that the shots were easy and Varly was slack. Nonetheless 3/22 says something good about our team or something bad about your goalie. Personally I like Varly. I think he’s playing an amazing series and is going to be a big star. Your team needs one in this series because OV isn’t doing much. What’s really crazy for me is that all the experts predicted an easy 4-0 sweep in favor of the Caps. What they forgot is that in regular season the Caps had a hard time winning against us. I still think that the reason the Caps finished first in their division is because the rest of the division consisted of crap like TB, Florida, ‘Canes.

    My prediction? You will win Wednesday night, but will not carry it past the Flyers. Did you see their last game against the Rangers? Watch out. They’re a bunch of angry bees.

  25. McBride says:


    “I still think that the reason the Caps finished first in their division is because the rest of the division consisted of crap like TB, Florida, ‘Canes.”

    Any explanation as to why the Caps were 14-3-3 against the Atlantic (NJ, Pitt, Philly) and 11-4-5 against the Northeast (Buffalo, Ottawa, Boston, Montreal)?

  26. Marjolaine says:

    @McBride: Yes, I do know why! Bettman must have been reffing!

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