Loser Pick’em

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5 Responses to Loser Pick’em

  1. 2Box Dan says:

    At least the abysmal finishes that followed the Jagr trade led directly to the Caps current rebirth. If Jagr doesn’t come here and suck, we’re probably not in lottery to get Ovie.

    Devils aren’t going to come out of this Kovalchuck thing with anything more than a bad taste and the knowledge that they wasted one of the greatest goaltender ever’s final years.

  2. Geo says:

    What’s ironic is Jagr probably would’ve LOVED to have played on a Capitals team like we have now and in a system like Boudreau’s – maybe it would’ve have inspired him as it did playing with Lemieux & Co. But he was a lousy fit for the Caps team and coach we had then, even after they signed Lang et al.

    If the last few years have shown anything, it’s that having talented young players who grow up together, and judiciously adding smart free agent choices works better than signing overpriced free agents left and right and hoping they gel — that’s the Dan Snyder style! 😀

    It’s pretty clear N.J. had more problems offensively than one pricey free agent could fix.

  3. TG says:

    No F’in way the Jagr trade was worse. You voters are telling me that the trade of a guy who never played in the NHL, a guy who had a cup of coffee in the NHL and a guy who bounced around to several teams for someone who produced at about a point-per-game pace for a couple years was worse than giving up a solid D-man, a prospect and a couple picks?

    The negativity towards how Jagr’s reign here ended is coloring your votes.

    Besides, if Pittsburgh had traded Jagr to, say, the Rangers and it had come out that the Caps could have had him for what they actually gave up, the fans in this town would have had an absolute fit. They would have said that the Caps STOLE him from Pittsburgh. (Which they did.)

    NJ gave up WAY more than the Caps did and got WAY less — and Kovalchuk’s walking this summer! This shouldn’t even be a close vote.

  4. DCPensFan says:

    Not “The Quitter” — “Dying alive”

    well, I guess he quit on you guys. but it’s hard to quit when you’re already dead.

    Good luck in Game 5.

  5. Mark Miller says:

    It’s hard to compare the trades. What made the Jagr situation far worse than Kovalchuck’s short-term deal is that Mr. Leonsis gave Jagr an outrageous extension before he had done anything in DC. Jagr provided short-term improvement, excitement, and sold tickets. But he didn’t make the Caps a better team. The contract was worse than the trade itself.

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