Varly’s Hand Is Not Shaking: Caps 6 / Habs 3

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6 Responses to Varly’s Hand Is Not Shaking: Caps 6 / Habs 3

  1. OvieTracker says:

    The Great 8 Caps Captain is back to being his dominating self. He, Knuble, and Varly were the stars in tonight’s game.

    Maybe Ovie’s first goal, a PPG goal, will finally get the Caps PP going. For a team that led the league in this department during the regular season, their drought has been puzzling.

    All in all, a most satisfying win. Game 5 is at home on Friday night, so hopefully the Caps can clinch then and get some rest before round 2.

  2. khuddle says:

    It’s the little guys who are making the difference: Gordon, Chimera, Poti, Carlson (he’ll be big someday but he’s a rookie now). That’s what’s great about this team — when guys like Semin and Flash are struggling, there always someone there to pick up the slack.

    Huge game tommorow from our perspective: NSH/CHI — the Predators would increase our Stanley Cup chances SIGNIFICANTLY by knocking Chicago out of the playoffs. Go Preds!

  3. KatM says:

    …so whas ‘up with the 2-handed lashing that Price put on Nicky from the bench, after he scored the empty-netter ?!!! Hope the Caps sent that piece of video to Toronto for review !!!

  4. MulletMan says:

    If you look at the box score and watched the game, Carey Price received a minor penalty at 19:49 for unsportsmanlike conduct, that is the same clock time as the Backstroms EN Goal. I doubt the league will look at video since the action was accessed a penalty during regulation.
    On a side note, I do think the league will pass down a ruling in the Corvo head shot from behind when he was skating backwards at the offensive blueline (I think that was in the first period).

  5. KatM says:

    thanks mulletman…have since read that item, that the penalty was given…as Tony K. says on PTI…go to your room, Cary Price !! Btw, I did watch the game, but didn’t see Joe B. cite the penalty to Price at the end, only the chirping by Locker about the slash from the bench…thanks & go Caps !!

  6. nafyekcoh says:

    Let’s hope Price returns for game 5. The dude is mental, all we need is a few goals and just start chirping in front of him. Just get under his skin just a little bit and he’ll win the game for us. It takes a big man to shot a puck at someone’s back and then smack them with a stick, again when the back it turned. If he wants to set the tone, drop the gloves big boy. What a whuss.

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