La Foule Est Réduite Au Silence: Caps 5 / Habs 1

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10 Responses to La Foule Est Réduite Au Silence: Caps 5 / Habs 1

  1. McBride says:

    Mais notre jeu de puissance pue encore

  2. khuddle says:

    “The mob is reduced to silence”. Nice. Crab fans breaking things in their igloos!
    Varly is amazing, almost seems to thrive on pressure. Looks like we’re set at the goaltending position.
    Boyd Gordon provided a nice spark tonight — need to see more of him.
    Semin blanked once again, but I have a feeling next game he will explode.
    Great win for the Caps — looks like we’re back in the saddle once again!

  3. Not speaking French, I used Google translate for the translation of “The crowd is reduced to silence”.

    But mob rules as well.

  4. Lets Go Caps says:

    I for one am not surprised Varly had a superb game. He has that certain je ne sais quoi to rise up in big games whereas frankly Theo doesn’t. You can throw the regular season #’s out the window.

  5. McBride says:

    Great second period. Great win. But the Caps aren’t getting out of the East unless they figure out the PP. Been bad for a while now.

  6. OvieTracker says:

    What’s the French equivalent of “NO MAS!”?

    This game was a lot easier to take. The second period goals explosion was a sight to behold. Now a couple more games like this and the Caps will be in great shape.

  7. sean says:

    Great game all around set aside, the National Anthem got booed last night. I think it’s time we send the Girl Scouts in and while they are drinking their milk we take over the country. We can replace Hockey Night in Canada with Joe and Laugher.

  8. And the Canadian anthem was booed in Los Angeles last night. Anthem-mocking is so, so ridiculous — never mind how disrespectful it is, with today’s international rosters this nationalism is just stupid.

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