Rock the Red? There’s An App For That.

Per the Washington Capitals press release:

The Washington Capitals have released their official iPhone application, which was built in conjunction with Advanced Mobile Solutions Worldwide and currently is available at the Apple iTunes App Store: Washington Capitals iPhone App ( This is the first of a suite of smartphone applications that will be released by the Capitals with Android and Blackberry platforms available in the near future.

The iPhone application includes a host of interactive features that enables Caps fans to follow the team while on-the-go:

• Game Day – comprehensive coverage throughout the day of a game: a preview of the opponent, live stats as the game unfolds and the postgame notebook as well as the schedule, results and stats from the prior game

• Team – up-to-date stats for everyone on the Capitals’ roster, images of the players and current division and conference standings

• Media – numerous photo galleries and options to listen to episodes of Capitals Report and PreCap

• News – breaking news and the latest articles and information about the team

• Tickets – special ticket offers, ability to purchase single-game tickets and view the Verizon Center seating chart

• Fan Zone – interact with the Caps on the team’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr pages. Sign up for Ice Chips, the official, weekly e-newsletter of the Washington Capitals

Fans who purchase the Washington Capitals iPhone application will get the latest updates regarding upcoming Capitals mobile opportunities as they are developed.

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7 Responses to Rock the Red? There’s An App For That.

  1. Geo says:

    I tinkered with this a bit on my iPod Touch tonight. It’s nice. I guess one could say it’s a little spartan in presentation, but that ensures everything loads quickly on a mobile device.

    The media for now seems limited to photos, and to a few select audio podcast type stuff.

    I think it might’ve been nice to have a little section with links to the fan blogs out here (OFB included of course) and Ted’s own blog. Leonsis blogs like crazy but I hardly ever see any comments on his posts — I think a lot of fans just don’t know he does one. Or else he just never approves comments through moderation. 🙂

  2. Scott / Dezlboy says:

    Suggested update: Allow the photos to be presented as other photos can be on the iPhone/iPod. That is…allow pinching them larger and smaller, flipping thru photos by finger gesture. And, caption the photos?


  3. Elliotte says:

    @GEO, the problem with Ted’s blog is that the comments all have to be approved first, that’s why they tend to take a while to show up.

  4. Unfortunately, this is one area where the Penguins have us beat. Their app is much better.

  5. Rage says:

    It’d be nice to have the ability to listen to the radio feed on there as well.

  6. Mark says:

    A radio feed and improved ATT reception in Verizon Center…

  7. Geo says:

    Has anyone tried this Hockey Night app?
    From CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, the home of hockey. Follow every player, every goal, every game with CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada iPhone app. Instant access to LIVE box scores, stats and results from all games whenever and wherever you want them.

    Just sounds kinda fun/useful.

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