Puck Talk on D.C. Radio This Weekend

With transitional weather returned upon us, you have a better cause for sticking indoors near a radio this weekend than last for a bit, although you’d do well to begin each and every Saturday morning with a cup-a-joe and Stephen Pepper and his Japers’ Rink Radio program. Pepper, in additon to being a talented blogger, is a real natural in new media broadcasting. His hour-long program commences at 10:00 every Saturday morning, and he has plans to carry it forward all playoffs long and perhaps even into the postseason.

Last Saturday Pepper welcomed Brett Leonhardt onto his show, and their discussion of the abundance of quality goaltending prospects in the Capitals’ organization was illuminating and intriguing: asked by Pepper who he’d least like to part with in a hypothetical reduce-the-logjam of goalies scenario, Leonhardt made a compelling case for Braden Holtby! (I concur, FWIW). Tomorrow Pepper welcomes Hershey Bears’ radio voice John Walton onto his show. The Bears close out their regular season with two games in Norfolk this weekend, and a victory in either one will deliver the team its 60th triumph on the highly historic campaign.

This is a good hour of puck talk, and Pepper and his broadcast partner Russell Waxman are cultivating a highly interactive program. You can participate by sending them email at japersrinkradio@gmail.com or calling in at (917) 388-4003.

After your morning joe and puck and some lawn cutting, and while preparing a pre-Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night dinner, you can tune in for another hour of bloggers’ take on the Caps when Jonathon Warner and his ‘Saturday Night Caps’ program on Federal News Radio re-engage a bloggers’ roundtable for an hour. I’ll join Jonathon and Ben Raby and the Examiner’s Dmitry Chesnokov in studio, while JP and Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski join the discussion by telephone. We’ll not only be chatting first-round scenarios for the Capitals but their top moments from the season. ‘Saturday Night Caps’ is found at 1500 AM on your radio dial and also streamed at the station’s web site. And you can participate in the program by calling in at (877) 936-9333.

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  1. paul says:

    When is the saturday night broadcast? Didn’t see in
    Blog or link.

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