A Regular Season Sweep: Caps 6 / Pens 3

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7 Responses to A Regular Season Sweep: Caps 6 / Pens 3

  1. Hittman says:

    And he ties Crosby for the goal lead! And he ties Sedin for the points lead (I…think…might be one off)!

  2. Hockey Chump says:


  3. sean says:

    What a beautiful game. Varly played great(Morrison redirected one), defense did a great job without Greeny and Carlson and I think Erskine might have got hurt(3:52 TOI). Seeing all the Breakaways the Pens had in the last game in Verizon, I thought we tightened up quite well. And a back-to-back game no less, go Ovi with 0.2 secs left just to make Pens fans hate him more.

  4. Letz Go Caps says:

    I’ll celebrate when the Caps win four in the postseason against these guys. I sure as hell won’t be celebrating even if they win the first three.


    And yes, this is just the regular season… but still, chasing Fleury was especially sweet.

  6. michelle says:

    love the glasses clinking for a win!

    Guinness is obviously in one glass… whats in the other? Harp?

    GO CAPS!!

  7. If I remember correctly, it was an IPA of some sort. One hand is mine and the other is my wife’s.

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