Caps Clinch Presidents’ Trophy

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8 Responses to Caps Clinch Presidents’ Trophy

  1. CapsBlog says:

    It’s the Presidents’ Trophy not the President’s Trophy.

    Sorry that was my inner-hockey-nerd and Canadian ancestry typing there.

  2. mnew2382 says:

    Get. Over. Yourself.

    C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!!!! Three down, one goal to go!

  3. Ted says:

    LET’S GO!!!! This is nice, but the real battle has not yet begun.

  4. Agreed Ted — very cool to win it, but it’ll just be a footnote to the season if the Caps reach their real goal.

  5. Hittman says:

    RJ Umberger be damned!

  6. Grammar Police? says:

    Are you going to criticize them for spelling favor, color, and rumor?

    Why don’t you take your Canadian ancestry and go whine with Grapes.

  7. CapsBlog says:

    Well excuse me.

    I wasn’t trying to critique OFB (whom I am a regular reader/visitor), and I wasn’t whining, @Grammar Police. I was just trying to point something out. @MNEW282 Not. A. Big. Deal.

    If you have a problem with what I politely said, then why don’t we just call it the NNHL or Stanleeeys Cup or Washington Capitols

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