Captain vs. Ex-Captain: Caps 3 / Jackets 2

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2 Responses to Captain vs. Ex-Captain: Caps 3 / Jackets 2

  1. Ted says:

    The first goal the Caps gave up was a double whammy of the often recurring bad habits they’ve had since the start of the year, maybe even a season or two back even. A short-handed goal immediately following a goal of their own. How many times have the Caps given up goals right after they scored one. Is this a concentration problem? Another SH goal given up. Remember the San Jose road game. Has anything changed?

    Oh well. Don’t win tomorrow San Jose the Caps need a week and a half to rest up.

  2. Hittman says:

    3 goals on one of the most defensive-oriented teams in the league. It would be nice to see a 3-1 victory, but at this time of year, the culture of victory is most important.

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