More to cheer for than just a goal

This video needs no special introduction.

Welcome home, sir. Thank you for your service.

Read more about the homecoming here.

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8 Responses to More to cheer for than just a goal

  1. Joe says:

    Wow. I hope nobody comes near my desk for the next few minutes. It just got really dusty in here.

  2. Hittman says:

    Pretty great. I’ve always felt that the Caps do a great job of spreading patriotism at games, what with DC being our nation’s capital and all.

  3. Angela says:

    I’m with Joe on this one. Very, very dusty.

  4. Aaron says:

    Wow; if you’re not misty eyed after that one…check your pulse.

    What a great story.

  5. Cathy W says:

    Very moving. NBC Nightly News picked up the story on the Friday broadcast. They only showed part of the video and did not use the audio as Brian Williams narrated the piece. But way cool that the national news picked it up.

  6. R Smith says:

    Kinda puts the griping out the Caps’ recent play into perspective doesn’t it?

  7. Grooven says:

    I think it’s fascinating that on a regular basis the Salute the Troops gets a response from players from both teams and the on-ice officials. One can usually see officials applauding and players stick-tapping away.

  8. Juan-John says:

    And throughout it all, the kid didn’t soil the Caps flag he was holding by dropping it to the ground.

    Great clip. Now I gotta go blow my nose. Doggone allergies…

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