Here’s a Bit of a Trend

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9 Responses to Here’s a Bit of a Trend

  1. McBride says:

    That stat is incorrect

  2. CapsBlog says:

  3. McBride says:

    Yeah, I knew there was at least one game during last year’s playoff series where it was tied. I just looked and it was games 2 and 5.

  4. Post updated with Nate’s correction.

  5. Hittman says:

    Regardless of whether it’s tied or not, 14 straight games where the PPs awarded the Pens is greater than or equal to the Caps PPs seems to indicate either a bias or that the Caps just take more penalties than the Pens. Which is it, O Lord?

  6. saintex says:

    Yeah, a coin toss coming up heads or tails for 14 consecutive flips is actually about 6 thousandths of 1%: .006%. That is .5 to the 14th. Just saying.

  7. Hal says:

    That trend is even more troubling when you consider that the Pens have taken more penalties (400 vs 347) and PIMs (1031 v 853) then the Caps have this year.

  8. Doug says:

    I’m not usually a huge conspiracy theorist, but on the season the Pens have 1041 PIM to make them 8th in the League whereas the Caps have 873 PIM making them 21st. Not saying, just saying.

  9. Hittman says:

    My question to all the conspiracy theorists is: why would the league want the Penguins to be favored considering they are in a miniscule market? Wouldn’t it be more likely to favor Chicago, LA, Rangers etc…? Economically speaking it just doesn’t make sense to favor the Penguins.

    Furthermore, Bettman is a New Yorker.

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