Tonight: Capital Idol at ESPN Zone

ESPN Zone and the Washington Capitals will host their annual Star-Spangled Sing-Off at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, March 22.  Singers of all ages are invited to compete for the chance to sing the National Anthem at a Capitals game.

In the opening round of the competition, contestants will sing 30 seconds of any song other than the “Star-Spangled Banner.” A panel of judges will narrow the field to five finalists, who will advance to the second round and each sing the national anthem in its entirety.

Singers can reserve their spots in the competition by emailing their contact information to Or, to sign up on Twitter, DM contact info to @ESPNZoneDC.

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2 Responses to Tonight: Capital Idol at ESPN Zone

  1. Cathy W says:

    Dear Judges: Please remember that 18,277 people will have to listen to this person sing at a Caps game. Please remember that the melody is from a drinking song and not a funeral dirge. Bob and Caleb sing it at the right speed. Please don’t select some super slow version with improvised changes to the melody in order to highlight the singer’s vocal histrionics. Thank you from a person that has had to endure some pretty bad anthem singers at Verizon.

  2. @CATHY, I’m with you. I think it’s great they’re offering this opportunity to an enterprising amateur singer, but I hope they pick someone with the talent to pull it off.

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