The Captain, Sitting Again

Per Capitals Insider, Capitals’ captain Alexander Ovechkin has been suspended for two games for his first period push Sunday of Blackhawks’ defenseman Brian Campbell. Sunday’s was Ovi’s third game misconduct of the 2009-10 season. Today’s verdict only further muddles the league’s incoherent and insufferably inconsistent enforcement measures.

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7 Responses to The Captain, Sitting Again

  1. Grooven says:

    As stated by me elsewhere (and probably many times over): I disagree on the suspensionworthiness of the hit to begin with. I fully expect to see (but know I won’t) two-gamers doled out for most contact at a face-off, against a wall, in front of the crease, which is often much harder. Players push each other all the time. It was an unfortunate outcome, but if Cooke had pushed Ovechkin the same way Ovi pushed Campbell, and he was out for the season, I’d still think it’s not a suspensionworthy hit.

  2. Ted says:

    What’s amazing is that there are people who think the hit is the exact same thing as Lapierre’s hit. They need to get their eyes checked. It’s not the same hit at all.

  3. Chuck K says:

    Can someone please figure out the true bias of the league office? Why is it that players such as Mike Richards and Matt Cooke can have much worse hits with no suspension? Why is it that an even worse hit by Craig Adams goes with no penalty or suspension?

    If the answer is “none of the above” received a game misconduct, then the league either needs to clarify the rules regarding a game misconduct OR they need to review every hit in every game. Regardless they need to at least appear that they apply the rules in at least a consistent manner.

    Pretty soon the inconsistency in the application of the rules in hockey will be as laughable as “traveling” in the NBA.

  4. The Friar says:

    @Chuck K: The bias is the League can’t admit it started Ovechkin’s reputation problem — it has to escalate or risk the image problem transferring from Ovi to the NHL.

    When this happens in the playoffs and costs the Caps a round or the Cup, the team needs to ask itself whether remaining in the league is worth it. I expect the KHL would make arrangements for the accession of its first American franchise if Washington offered.

  5. Hittman says:

    Who gives a sh1t? This just allows Ovy to get some rest before the playoffs. Why did this warrant 2 games while Cooke and others received none? There’s something to be said for the love of the blindside hit in the NHL. It’s the most rock-em-sock-em replayable type of hit and the one that hardcore Canadian or just old school fans think is most badass. Shoving a guy off balance as he nears the end boards? Not as fun to watch. That sort of thing can’t be marketed in the same way as the blindside. Ten years ago all these “headshots” were the type of thing used in promos to advertise the NHL.

  6. Jerry says:

    I know this is late and you guys may not come back to read this, but… The HUGE difference between the Cooke/Richards hits is that that there isn’t a rule in the books that governs the shoulder-to-head hit. There is, however, VERY clear guidelines about the type of hit that got Ovechkin suspended. Now, I’m all for the argument that his hit didn’t merit two games, but you guys are using a classic apples-oranges comparison.

  7. Joe says:

    I agree with McKenzie. If Campbell’s right skate doesn’t catch a rut, he bounces off the boards and nobody would have even noticed. Bummer he’s hurt, but it was not a devilish play by Ovie at all. And I’m a Bruins fan, so I have no emotion involved whatsoever.

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