Fun with Video on a Rainy Weekend

If ever there was a Blockbuster/NetFlix video weekend, it’s this one in D.C. — maybe five inches of rain Noah’s Ark-ing us across the region. Fortunately, hockey has no shortage of video material to amuse us by. Just this week, thanks to Puck Daddy, we learned of the existence of a marvelous line of clips produced by the Boston Bruins, that began running last season. They reminded us of a line of humor spots the Caps ran last a few years back.

Like the Caps’ old TV spots, there’s great deal of cleverness to these from the Bs. Such as ‘Tuck in’:

A newer spot, that’s running this season in Boston, addresses those fans who’d bolt for the parking prematurely just to be the end-of-game rush:

And when the Bs unveiled their Winter Classic sweater earlier this season they had some fun with that as well:

But by far the best of all these terrific Bs TV spots, and certainly our favorite, is ‘Never Date Within the Division’:

Makes you a bit nostalgic for those old Caps’ clips that ran locally back in the day, eh? Unfortunately, most of them aren’t archiveable on YouTube. But there are many, many terrific and terrifically funny hockey-themed commercials to be found there. A good transition from Bs to Caps might be with a player who played for both clubs, Adam Oates:

And who can forget Olie Kolzig’s ‘Romantic Dinner’ spot?

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5 Responses to Fun with Video on a Rainy Weekend

  1. Victor says:

    It’s a shame one can’t find “Line Change.” Toilet jokes always make for high hilarity.

  2. rm says:

    never date within your division almost had me pee myself.

  3. Dave says:

    I had forgotten about that Olie commercial…great one.

  4. Aaron says:

    I found the “Never Date within the division” a few months back and it’s still hilarious every time I watch it.

    The Bear ads are easily one of the best series of sports ads I can remember; well done Bruins.

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