Bears, Caps an ‘Extended Honeymoon of Achievement’

Tremendous overview of the Washington-Hershey affiliation in the Patriot News blog of Tim Leone today: ‘Hershey Bears, Washington Capitals a Dynamic Duo.’

The timing of Leone’s work is understandable; the Caps are mere hours away from clinching their third consecutive Southeast division title, while the Bears, also runaway leaders of the AHL’s East division, soon will secure their third division title in the past four seasons, and are putting together one of the greatest seasons in American Hockey League history.

Leone calls the Caps “a top Stanley Cup contender.” The Bears, he says, “are deemed odds-on favorites to repeat as Calder Cup champions.” Few would disagree with either claim. Stunning.

Then Leone puts some meaty numbers on his claim:

“The Bears have played 63 games and won 49. The Caps have played 67 games and won 45.

“That’s a combined 94 wins in 130 games, meaning the two teams have paired to win 72.3 percent of the time.”

The Bears of course have already tasted championship glory (10 times), while the Caps are vying still for their first. Earlier this year Capitals’ majority owner Ted Leonsis said of his team’s American League affiliate, “The excellence with which that [Hershey] organization is run washes up on us.”

May it be a marriage lasting into the golden years.

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