Czechmate: Caps 4 / Canes 3 – OT

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5 Responses to Czechmate: Caps 4 / Canes 3 – OT

  1. turquoise_donkey says:

    what’s the status of the SE officially being ours? is it still 2 games for us and the thrash losing 2? it’s not really a concern, i’m just curious.

  2. Sam says:

    If I counted right, we’re 33 points ahead of the ATL and 34 ahead of the Bolts. ATL has 17 games left and we have 15. If we beat the Bolts on Friday and the Thrashers lose to Columbus tomorrow, the Caps should clinch the division.

  3. Ted says:

    Same ol’ same ol’

    Giving up penalty shots on the PP. Blown 2 goals leads. When will the madness end?

  4. penguin pete says:

    don’t sweat it, ted. the madness ends in early may…

  5. The Caps can clinch the Southeast Division with a loss by Atlanta today or a point by the Caps tomorrow.

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