Canada Has Spoken: Caps Win on Deadline Day

Almost half the current respondents to TSN’s poll have chosen the Washington Capitals as the response to, “Which team was the big winner on Deadline Day?”

Get on over to TSN and cast your vote.

(h/t Patrick Loewen for the heads up)

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7 Responses to Canada Has Spoken: Caps Win on Deadline Day

  1. Patrick says:

    Maybe we need an interactive counter on the voters in order to get the real effect of these stats. This is after over 28,000 votes. It wasn’t just me.

  2. How did Carolina get any votes? – do they even have a team left? color me confused.

  3. Sam says:

    Matthew, my guess is that some people are optimistic about the draft picks. Carolina walked away with nearly a whole team’s worth of draft picks. I haven’t been following 2010 prospects, but maybe people feel that Carolina having the ability to pick a dozen players is a win.

  4. Patrick says:

    Update, The counter on this poll is now at 35,636 voters and Caps are still sitting with 47.3 % of the votes. They are completely un-challenged in this poll. The real evidence will unravel as the rest of the season and playoffs unfold in the near future.

  5. Good call Sam — Carolina didn’t “win” for this season, but they sure set themselves up well for rebuilding.

  6. Hittman says:

    I’ve been a big detractor of GMGM’s moves over the last week, but after some more thought, perhaps if a big D man wasn’t available, at least having a few gritty forwards that can clamp down on the boards and/or up the middle is the next best thing. Plus, when Jurcina gets healthy again, maybe he can regain the form he showed in the playoffs last year. Also, it’s always a good thing to have a puck moving d-man. NOW WE HAVE TWO! In GMGM we trust.

  7. Patrick says:

    We gained a lot of bang for our buck, I really liked Pothier and will miss his game, but I think Corvo is slightly more offensively-minded, with less medical history. The forwards are gritty and like the blue paint area, and you can’t have too many of those blue collar workhorses when you plan to go deep in the playoffs.

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