Sandbox Kings are Goal Song Kings

Debuts for the Caps aren’t limited to the new players acquired yesterday. As long as the Caps score one goal tonight, they’ll debut a new song as well. As we previously mentioned, the Caps in conjunction with Elliot in the Morning on DC101 hosted a contest to establish a new goal song to be played after every home goal.

Branko Hodzic was the winner as announced by Elliot on the air on Tuesday morning. Branko’s band called the Sandbox Kings recorded the song called “Rock the Red.” As it turns out, Branko first heard about the contest from our brief mention. He sent us an email where we find out that Branko is not just a musician, but a life-long Caps fan. We found that to be pretty cool. With his permission, we’re sharing his email with you. Congrats on the win and we look forward to hearing the song A LOT.

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to thank you so much for posting the Create A Caps Goal Song Contest. I read your site almost daily for fun caps and hockey related articles. I feel your posts resonate with me and your blog is where I first learned of this contest. I wanted this to be a thank you email, but I started writing and reflecting on today and the Caps and felt compelled to write you about myself and the love for my team.

I grew up loving sports, but none have taken hold of me the way hockey has. I have been a Caps fan since I was 5 or 6. Dale Hunter scoring the game 7 OT winner against the flyers remains my favorite Caps moment to this day. I still have it on VHS somewhere… haha. I’ve gone through the lean years when Caps Hockey was a downright laughable team to support. I always felt personally hurt after seeing the reaction of someone’s face when I told people in the DC area that hockey was my end all sport. Nothing would be said, but I in my mind their look shouted, “Oh, I could care less about hockey….especially the Caps.” I think many here can relate. So 1998 rolls around and I’m a senior in high school. Wouldn’t you know it… The caps reach the Stanley Cup Finals. A dream come true for me. 10 to 15 years of hoping I could call my Caps the Stanley Cup Champs. It just so happened my Senior Prom landed on Game 3 of the finals. I told my friends I would not be going to prom. How could I? The caps were in the FINALS!! After my friends and date showed their anger at my decision, I made a compromise. I went to prom… but with my handy 7 inch portable color TV. Of course I spent time with my date and friends, but from time to time there was a huddle of guys screaming their heads off with me cheering on the boys. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I was a believer in the Caps rebuild plan even though it hurt like hell and would be painful for a long time. I was sad to see so many of my favorites leave, but talk about the rewards!! To hear the respect in the voices of the hockey analysts when they mention the Caps is truly a sweet thing. Something Caps fans have longed for for a long time.

I played street hockey all my life, but Ice Hockey for only two years as a child. My music love started in the 80’s with big hair bands like Van Halen, Europe, Poison, etc… When I turned twelve, my parents offered me a choice for my birthday present. Get new equipment for ice hockey or a brand new guitar. This was not an easy decision!!! I chose the guitar, and thus hockey became second fiddle, to my true passion… music. I went to college for music and had an honest few years of gutting it out in a couple of bands. My musical tastes evolved from everything from jazz, blues, rock, funk, R&B, etc… Mostly I love catchy music. Pop/Alt Rock. I released one record with my own band, Sandbox Kings, but became very put off with how much the business of music overshadowed the music and how little control I seemed to have. I decided to stop professionally, although I swore I would never stop writing and intended to have a gig here and there. My intensity for my music has never changed. We just had a little lover’s spat is all. So My drummer and I have been chipping away at our second record over the past 2…wait….4… scratch that… 6 years!! We’re almost finished with the new record called “Secrets”. Another month or two.

So now its present day. I’ve just won a contest that features my two favorite things: Music and Hockey. Funny enough, the bad years for the Caps were my worst years for music. Now, I feel Caps’ future has never looked so bright!! With this roster of players, could this be the year the Caps win the Stanley Cup? Oh, how I hope!! With this contest, I feel my musical endeavors have never looked so bright. Could this be the year things take off for my music? Oh, how I hope!! Will the fans feel the same way I felt when I wrote this song thinking about the pure joy a caps goal brings? Oh, how I hope!!

I know its only a goal song, but to me its so much more. Its all the years of amazing and heartbreaking moments cheering on my child hood heroes like Peeters, Bondra, Hunter, Pivonka, Kolzig, Langway, Gonchar, Miller, Gartner, Jagr….just kidding ;-). All the years of devoting everything I have to music: The great gigs opening up for national acts, having somebody genuinely connect with a song I wrote, sleeping in vans, playing three gigs in three different states in two days on 3 hours of sleep, driving 9 hours to play a grungy, beer sticky floored empty venue, seeing a total lack of interest after pouring your heart out. Yes, its all of the good, the bad, and some damned uglies wrapped into one beautiful moment best released when the Caps come from behind with seconds left. I never thought these two passions of mine would combine together to give me such a wonderful experience. I’ll never give up on the Caps and I’ll never give up on my Music.

Thank you On Frozen Blog, Ted for being such a great sports owner, and Elliot for hosting this contest. Here’s to the Caps!!! This year we paint The Cup RED!!!!


Branko Hodzic
Sandbox Kings
(under construction)

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21 Responses to Sandbox Kings are Goal Song Kings

  1. MoniMaz says:

    Whoa I am getting verklemph reading this letter. I can’t wait to hear this song tonight. Over and over again! GO CAPS! GO SANDBOX KINGS!

  2. Eric says:

    Anyone heard the song yet? Can we download it anywhere?

  3. The song will debut immediately after the next Capitals home goal.

    Elliot can’t play it until after the Verizon Center debut. Hopefully everyone hears it tonight and/or tomorrow on DC/101.

  4. KlayKey says:

    Song not available on your MySpace music site. Listen guys, you gotta catch the public when they are interested. Who knows? tomorrow no one may care. Rock the Red and Capture the Cash. Turn off the game (I know it’s hard) and put down the beer (do I sound like your mother) and maintain the f*ing website! LOve you.

  5. heather says:

    Was at the game. Tempo of song was way too slow for a goal song. People were griping about it. We’re caps fans! We want something loud, bumping and something we can clap too. Decent song if they cranked up the tempo.

  6. Pete says:

    Hate the new song. Slow tempo, way to cheesy. A downer for the crowd last night

  7. Brent says:

    Great Lyrics! LOL. I think the song could work if you speed up the tempo. Otherwise, way too slow for a post-goal celebration. I always thought Blur’s Song #2 was perfect for goals. It starts with a couple moderately paced chords and then blows into a raucous jam. Speed it up boys.

  8. JessMan says:

    Sorry, I was not digging the goal song. Too slow. The bass was pumping so I couldn’t really hear the lyrics. They played an older song for one of the goals and it was easier to get pumped and clap along to. While I don’t really want to dis the Sandbox Kings, I blame Elliot and idiot radio people at DC101 for picking out such a slow, grunge-like song

  9. While Elliot hosted the contest, the entries were reviewed at Kettler and I believe the Caps chose the song.

  10. Steve Naismith says:

    “The bass was pumping so I couldn’t really hear the lyrics.”

    Repeat 10 times: “Hey, rock the red, hey, rock the red, whoaaaaaaaaaaaa” Absolutely freaking TERRIBLE. This is truly an embarrassment for the franchise.

  11. strungout says:


  12. Courtney says:

    I liked the song, just not for post-goal celebration. I agree with everyone else, it needs to be a lil bit more uptempo. Going to the game Saturday. Hopefully I’ll get to hear it for myself. A live setting may change my mind – for the better or worse. My fave Caps post-goal song is The Fratellis – “Chelsea Dagger”.

  13. Heather says:

    OK so whomever chose the song, it was fun for one night. It’s just not the tempo we need for VC.

    That being said, who knows what else they had to work with. If this is the best, yikes.

  14. The MadFlava says:

    God this new goal song sucks. It is way too slow and just doesn’t match the excitement after a goal is scored. Congrats, we have the best team in the NHL and now the worst goal song in the NHL.

  15. Rob says:

    This is one of the most terrible things I have heard. I was expecting something unique like the Rangers…I actually started laughing when it came on….PLEASE NO MORE!!

  16. KireDCU says:

    I concur. I understand why it was chosen sitting here at my (quiet) dining room table but at the Verizon Center, a song needs more verve/edge. Nonetheless, kudos Branko!

  17. I’m disappointed by the hate shown between Caps fans. It’s ok not to like it, but goodness.

    Most are naturally resistant to change, perhaps give it some time.

  18. Nate Lauterstein says:

    ok seriously…before you go hating on the new goal song…listen to it with the horn, it’s a totally different experience….so, to help everyone out, here ya go, enjoy!

  19. Thanks Nate,

    That sure does change the tone.

  20. MReilly9 says:

    Not a very good goal song at all. Is this a joke or what?

  21. The song is ok, though it really doesn’t have much energy to pump up the Redites!!!! Come on dudes, a bit faster, a bit more energetic!

    Here was my entry, that didn’t quite make it 😦

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