Shaone Morrisonn on Sidney, Visiting Buffalo in Winter

We’ve been impressed all season long with the commitment of local radio the Fan 106.7 to covering hockey, and doing so enthusiastically, and their on-air personalities were at it again in evening drive today. Holden Kushner had all of the callers to his program first affirm their hatred of Sidney Crosby before moving on to their comments and questions. On the air he also used what we’re pretty sure is an FCC fineable word to describe Canada’s hero. Later, he chatted up Capitals’ defenseman Shaone Morrisonn, whom Kushner got to admit “I dislike Sidney Crosby.” The Caps’ rearguard also admitted that he was “secretly” rooting for a Russia-Sweden gold medal game! The segment was chock full of fun, with ShoMo inadvertently claiming an enthusiasm for a winter visit to Buffalo.

Shaone Morrisonn on the Fan 106.7

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