A Russian Blogger’s Preview of Tonight’s Big Game

OFB Comrade Dmitry Chesnokov has been making the rounds today on radio and the web offering his insights on tonight’s marquee matchup between Russia and Canada. We asked him to offer a real quick synopsis for our readers.

“This is the game that most, if not everybody, has been looking forward to. Most Canadians agree with me. A lot of people in the 11 time zones in Russia are expected to either miss work today, come in or leave early to see it.

“Both teams are coming into this game with a couple of concerns.  For Canada playing an extra game, especially the day before the big one, was at least a nuisance. Even when you’re playing against Germany you still have to give it some effort. Even though fatigue may not be the best word to describe it, at least some of it is there.  Also, for some strange reason, goaltending may be an issue.

“For the Russians loosing Sergei Zinoviev may prove to be the turning point. Russia will have to double shift someone at center. Or, better for them, limit the fourth line’s time. Russia will also have to readjust their plans of playing 5 man units. However, the firepower of the Russians is still there. Ilya Kovalchuk is due for his breakout game this Olympics.

“I am not going to make predictions for this one. I can only say that we should be in for the greatest hockey of the Games.”

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2 Responses to A Russian Blogger’s Preview of Tonight’s Big Game

  1. TreKronor says:

    Awesome for the USA. But after yet more offensive commentary from Mike MilGoonbury, now I understand why hockey is not ready for prime time coverage. Better to hide this garbage commentary reflecting the goon and xenophobic heritage of the old guard in north american hockey on cable: “the Germans are fire hydrants and are getting peed on” (last night) and this tonight after the Canadian victory: the Russian squad is “Eurotrash.” Can you see any announcer in baseball, football or basketball speaking this way on national television?

  2. odessa steps magazine says:

    Milbury is Grapes with the ironic charm.

    Saying the xenophobic equivalent things in American sports would probably involve racial stereotypes which would get you very fired very quickly.

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