Bradley Bandwagon Or Laing Love Train?

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

On Tuesday, the Caps’ PR man Nate Ewell posted the following on Twitter:

Who’s a bigger cult hero: Laing or Bradley? @dcsportsbog may lure some back to Lainger’s camp

The link is an article that the Post’s Dan Steinberg wrote about Quintin Laing and his thoughts on the win streak. However, most of the article was filled with praise for Laing, from his coach and teammates. How could you not like a guy like this? As Brooks Laich shared with Dan:

“If I wasn’t playing, if I was in his position, I’d be hanging from a noose in the middle of Constitution right now. I have so much respect for that man, for what he does for us that you guys don’t see. I wish you could bring a camera behind the scenes and see what it is. But he means so much to this locker room.”

Laing has worked extremely hard to get to the NHL, but he doesn’t give up.  Even when he’s sidelined by a torn spleen, swine flu, and a broken jaw, he doesn’t quit.  It’s amazing to watch his willingness to block shots.  Taking the puck at full blast can’t be an easy thing to do.  Every team has good character guys, but it sounds like Laing is the cream of the crop.  It’s impossible not to respect someone with his drive and work ethic.

It’s interesting that Nate mentions Matt Bradley, though; the Bradley bandwagon is certainly a popular one. Who wouldn’t like a guy who stands up for his teammates against the disgusting Steve Downie, as seen in the Jan. 12 game against Tampa Bay?  I know I was cheering him on.  And who could forget Bradley’s bloody fight against Aaron Voros in November?  It’s heroics like these that spurred a “#needsmorebradley” hashtag on Twitter and a fake Twitter account, @needmorebradley.  Because, really, everyone needs more Bradley- and, as some would argue, Laing!

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5 Responses to Bradley Bandwagon Or Laing Love Train?

  1. TheMermaid says:

    Love ’em both, but proudly wear my Laing jersey, even if he sits.

  2. The MadFlava says:

    Definitely Omar for me. They are both great players whose drive and work ethic are great examples for the rest of the team. Bradley edges Laing out for stepping up to enforce for the Caps this season.

  3. Laura says:

    Laing definitely gets my vote. The way he sacrifices his body every game for the betterment of the team is beyond admirable. Brads does deserve respect though. He really has stepped it up this year. Either way, I’m glad both are donning Caps jerseys. 🙂

  4. danderoo says:

    Ovi might well be the greatest athlete in the history of this city by the time he unlaces his skates. However, even tho the Caps are not the step child they used to be, sports media in this area, who both live and die for the Redskins, AND continue to be incredibly ignorant of hockey ( most, anyway) will never admit that Ovi was greater than Baugh, Jurgy, or Riggo.
    I continue to be astounded that most of the local sports media just refuses to learn more about the sport of hockey as if it is rocket science that is beyond their comprehension. Observe that most articles about the Caps written by non-beat writers focus on the non analytical side of the sport and the team. It would be nice to read a Boswell hockey column (as rare as they are) which shares with readers just a small portion of the same kinds of research and knowledge of that he does for his baseball columns.

    But as they say, any publicity is good publicity, and, at least for now, the Caps are making it impossible to be ignored by even the most ignorant pundits.

  5. Rhino40 says:

    It’s a tough call, but I have to give the (slight) edge to Brads if for no other reason than that we see more of him.

    Other “Character players” who, IMHO deserve kudos:

    –Matthieu Perrault a.k.a. “Mini-Me”, “The Great 8.5”, “OV Lite” or “Microvechkin”: Looks like OV, skates like OV, and if he were only a little bigger he’d HIT like OV too.
    –Stecks–an absolute GOD in the dot.
    –Chimera: Has turned out to be a good acquisition. He brings unexpected speed and sandpaper to the forecheck, just when the opposition is resting their top D pairs after a bout with OV.

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