Backpacking Through Europe, NHL-Style

Six teams will be starting their seasons in Europe for the 2010/11 NHL season. The NHLPA announced today the following games:

  • Carolina Hurricanes vs. Minnesota Wild in Helsinki
  • Columbus Blue Jackets vs. San Jose Sharks in Stockholm
  • Boston Bruins vs. Phoenix Coyotes in Prague

Obviously, some day, the Capitals will play a game in Russia . . . likely in Moscow. But for now, I’m glad the Caps will start their next season in the U.S.A., ideally in the friendly confines of the Verizon Center.

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2 Responses to Backpacking Through Europe, NHL-Style

  1. 4capitals says:

    Me too!

  2. Greg Goertzen says:

    we would always welcome them in Winnipeg—especially now because you got more snow than us.

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