Greener Takes a Seat for 3 Games

It seems Mike Green will not be part of the Caps’ quest for their 10th consecutive win:

The National Hockey League announced today that Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green has been suspended for three games, without pay, for an incident that took place during NHL game #802 against the Florida Panthers on January 29.

At 4:24 of the first period, Green delivered an elbow to the head of Panthers’ forward Michael Frolik. Green was assessed a minor penalty for elbowing on the play.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based on his average salary, Green will forfeit $81,606.21. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Green will miss Washington’s next three games – Jan. 31 against Tampa Bay, Feb. 2 at Boston and Feb. 4 at the New York Rangers. He will be eligible to return Feb. 5 against Atlanta.

So what are your thoughts: a fair punishment for a dangerous play? Overreaction by the league in light of the Cormier debacle? Something else?

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18 Responses to Greener Takes a Seat for 3 Games

  1. angela says:

    Overreaction, in my opinion. They’re making an example of him.

    Also, I love how Ovi gets suspended for the Gleason knee incident, yet Kulikov gets nothing. Grrr.

  2. rachel says:

    Suspensions are not consistant…this is a leading example! Not happy.

  3. James says:

    The NHL under Gary Bettman is absolutely ridiculous. He’s made one of the toughest sports into a joke with the way he and his management team continually make inconsistent rulings.

    An incidental elbow to the head = 3 game suspension.
    Brashear legally hitting someone = suspension.
    Ovie making a knee to knee? Another suspension.
    Green getting a knee to knee hit on him by Kulikov? No suspension.

    Such a ton of ****. Eff Bettman and the goons he has running MY NHL.

  4. bucknelldad says:

    It’s a bunch of horse manure. There is no rational basis, rhyme or reason for this hugely excessive penalty, given how they failed to assess even remotely similar penalties against goons like Mike Richards. And I’m not even a big Green fan — just very tired of the NHL being very unfair and hugely heavy handed at the Caps. Time for Ted and GMGM to plot some payback on Bettman and crew at some opportune time in the future (like, saying no to next winter’s classic?).

  5. uwee33 says:

    Caps fan here. The league needs to define it’s terms on what warrants a suspension and what does not. Every hit is reviewed against a non-standardized set of rules, and just the way the “league feels” should be handed down on a per hit basis. Green lead with his elbow and made contact with Frolik, but did not leave his feet. This warrants some type of discipline. However, there should be levels of disciplinary actions defined within the CBA that are clear so that players, coaches and organizations know exactly what to expect based on the type of infraction or injury caused. Discipline based on the determination of one person is not as reliable as beginning a year with coaches and organization agreeing to terms within a matrix or table of disciplinary actions that begin a season and move forward from there, to include the all important head shots (head hunting).

  6. Johnny says:

    well…its crap, there should be consistencey…for some reason Washington is the red headed step child of the NHL, and the “suits” in toronto feel the need to try and stop the CAPS since no one else seems to be able to…

  7. Grooven says:

    It’s all part of helping the Canadian Olympic team rationalize not selecting him. How can you use a guy that gets suspended? It gives Green a chance to heal up. He’s back for the game against the Penguins (NBC is happy). It’s win win win. The Caps should have done this months ago.

  8. Steve says:

    Anyone who thinks this was a legal hit is too blinded by being a fan to see straight. This was a bad hit and exactly the type the league has stated they are trying to get rid of. Maybe he got an extra game because of the timing, but he deserved the suspension.
    The knee to knee though, was an not illegal see OV v. Gonchar and the hit that took out Ericsson in Det. Thats just hockey.

  9. Absolutely right Grooven — while Green deserved an Olympic selection, Caps fans should be happy he gets to rest.

  10. Mellyville9 says:

    Die hard caps fan since birth and caps season ticket holder. Green knew what he was doing there. the knee to knee was not intentional, from the stands looked like he just got popped good and clean. HIS hit was on purpose and if the guy didnt get up could have been at a level the Canadian Jrs captain Cormier got. So i think 3 games we are lucky that it was only that. A lot of calls this year have not gone Caps way but this was right. This was nothing but emotions getting the best of him. at first I didnt see it but replay clearly shows intention of the elbow.

  11. villeneuve80 says:

    he certainly deserve it… these hits to head should be punished evey time regardless of the consequence or player doing it

  12. Sonja says:

    The conspiracy devil on one shoulder is saying that the League is trying any desperate measure they can to try and level the ice; slow the team down as it were. If that were an intentional hit, he’d have gotten a major penalty for it, not a minor. It’s ridiculous to be suspended 3 games for a 2 minute minor. Kulikov should have gotten a 2 minute minor for the knee on knee … even if it weren’t intentional. Unintentional hits get called ALL the time … and it was downright criminal that didn’t get called.

    The angel on my other shoulder is very grateful that Greenie gets to rest. He hasn’t looked good for a couple of weeks … no color in his face and no bounce in his skates. This will be good for him and will get him ready for the (hopefully) extended season.

  13. Hittman says:

    This is great! It gives Green a rest, lets the Caps play more young d-men, and forces the team to rely on others to get a 10th straight win. This is all just preparation for the playoffs, where anything can happen and only the best TEAM can win.

  14. Hittman says:

    Or is it 11th straight win? So many wins I can’t keep track.

  15. Grooven says:

    Are you really surprised Green made a stupid hit? Teams have been running him the past few games. I figured he’d have made a pop like that a couple games ago already.

  16. breaklance says:

    this is one of those things were as a caps fan we are outraged, but if it happened the other way around we’d be equally outraged. I’ve seen the replay, it looked like he braced himself with his elbow out, accidental or not it was an elbow to the head. No question it wasn’t in my mind, but what is highly questionable is a 3 game suspension for a first time offender.

    What is salt in the wound is the Kulikov hit, accidental or not players get penalties, fines and suspensions for knee on knee hits no matter intentional or not.

  17. Sam says:

    I think Green’s suspension was the correct call, but I also think that Kulikov should have gotten something. Whether intentional or not, questionable hits should be grounds for penalization. First, Duco gets away with jumping Giroux and now Kulikov gets away with a questionable hit. Neither get a slap on the wrist.

    Colin Campbell may not be making the actual disciplinary calls for these situations that deal with the Panthers, but I’m sure he “informally” weighs in behind closed doors. If you have a son on an NHL team, you should be barred from holding any role that requires unbiased calls.

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