Talking Points: Long Island Massacre

  • Seven Capitals’ goals scored Tuesday night without a single point from either Ovi or Greener. If that doesn’t highway billboard showcase the Caps’ scoring balance and depth, nothing will.
  • Semin the suddenly underpaid? Once upon a time, his faults were conspicuous and easy to belabor. Today, less so. The sublime solo artist and puck wizard is worth the price of admission most nights now. Is there another player on planet Earth able to match Semin’s jaw-dropping offensive wizardry, often executed in unaided fashion? Both of his goalsĀ  Tuesday night were unassisted, and his second, with 5 seconds left in the opening frame, he tucked into the Islander cage while gliding backward and positioned some three feet behind the cage.
  • Billy Jaffe on the Islanders’ broadcast pointed out that the reason the Caps can put up that many goals without the Gr8 contributing is “umatched” organizational depth at the forward position.
  • Brooks Laich, Tomas Fleischmann, and Semin combined for five points on the night. Increasingly theirs is a level of production typically associated with teams’ first lines.
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