Duck Season: Washington 5 / Anaheim 1

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5 Responses to Duck Season: Washington 5 / Anaheim 1

  1. Gmann says:

    Pssst….5-1 :O)

  2. Damn you’re quick…. I had it ready at 4-1 and then hit publish… corrected almost right away, but not quick enough for you…. well done, sir.

  3. It was very kind, and appropriate, that the Ducks provided wings for Capitals fans tonight. 🙂

  4. Hittman says:

    The first time I saw what passes for the current squad of the Capitals was when the Ducks were last in town for a 6-1 smashing back in 2006. Semin scored the only goal and the Caps looked like they were playing a different sport. Keep in mind that was the Ducks team that won the Cup and was generally destroying the league all season.

  5. Juan-John says:

    Wabbit season! DUCK SEASON, FIRE!!

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